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A Step towards Vision; IOS 7

by Kerry Dawson

In my previous article Vision Meet Reality I discussed that though Apple's September 10th presentation was very disappointing in that there was so much more they could have presented around June's 2013 presentation at WWDC where they outlined a vision, the one thing they did discuss on the 10th and that will be deliverd to us tomorrow (Sept 18) is IOS 7. This is, not to overstate it, major. It is a critically important piece of technology that will propel us forward.

A New iPhone without Having to Buy a Phone


Apple has described this update to IOS to be as big as and as revolutionary as the introduction of the original iPhone. That is a major proposition. However, it’s more than accurate.

From a visual point of view we will be now interacting with a very beautiful but what is referred as a minimalistic interface. It’s an interface that presents itself in almost a transparent away stepping from you the user so you can concentrate on what it is you like doing.

Minimalistic icons

Personally, I’ve always loved minimalistic interfaces that don’t present with an overarray of distracting options. As an example, Microsoft’s current interations of Office I would view as the opposite. It is an interface, that didn’t used to be this way, provides so many visual cues to look at it’s confounding. How do you get anything done with something that steps in front of you like this. It’s difficult.

IOS 7’s approach is not only advantageous from the perspective of providing pure functionality in a simplified form to allow you not to be distracted by the interface but it is actually incredibly beautiful. As Jon Ive’s said There is beauty when something works and it works intuitively. IOS 7 certainly looks, from what I can see, this to be the case. I’ll definitely be able to tell you more about this after tomorrow.

Beauty though is not Only Skin Deep

That the interface is beautiful is wonderful as people who use systems now need simple and intuitive approaches for accomplishing their work. If these systems revealed the real complexity behind them then they’d never fly.

It’s very fortunate that this is the case with IOS 7 but what’s of real importance here is not the pretty face but it’s the depth and capability of this Operating System. It’s powerful. This will be a true mulitasking 64 bit operatins system. From everything I’ve been able to ascertain to this point in time, it’s a very capable OS that wil power our apps for a while to come. This is very important.

It’s significantly important based on the kinds of functions we’ll be doing as time marches on. It will be required at an information structure layer to support the applications and power them. As an example, the cashless society will require and in fact demand that the OS you’re using is powerful.

However, the beauty in all this is that the interface and the power reside perfectly together. For the user, the simplicity makes a hard running engine easy to operate. It must be that way else no user would use such a system. Architecuturally, this is beautiful also.

As One Sun sets a New Dawn is Arising

Images of a sunset

As we move away from what was called the Skeuomorphic designs of the past, in which icon elements attempted to resembler real world elements, a new dawn arises. This new dawn will see mobile devices with desktop capability. Think of an iMac in your hand without the heft. This is extremely significant and should not be under-emphasized whatsoever. A world powered by sophisticated technology requires for the user simple access method. In IOS 7 such is the case.

A new dawn

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