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IOS 7 is a Winner

by Kerry Dawson

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Having spent a great deal of time at analysis which will be followed by more it is now time for some reflection followed in the next article by musings about where we are going. On Sept. 18th 2013, IOS 7 was rolled out across the world in a staggered approach so as not to bring down Apple’s servers. Some of us, myself included, could barely wait to get our hands of the new operating system for the iPad and iPhone we had heard so much about. I was tempted to write about the OS quickly after I got my hands on IOS 7 but I decided to delay and work with it somewhat before I did.

I’m glad I did. At first blush, I was, to coin a phrase, blown away. I immediately loved the new OS. As I worked with it though and some apps that had been specifically built for it, such as OmniFocus, I was more taken with the OS than ever before. It truly is brilliant in conception and implementation.

Minimalistic and Polished


As was expected, IOS 7 was based on minimalistic concepts. Gone were all the vestiges of skeuomorphism or to put it another way where software imagery tries to replicate real world imagery. I was never fond of that approach and tended, even with my Mac before the introduction of IOS 7, to choose software that was cleaner in approach. As such, BusyCal was my calendar of choice over Calendars.

In IOS 7 I don’t have to worry about seeking out such software. IOS 7 is such software. All it’s apps now are clean and sleek in design. I find they tend to flow more easily and are thus nicer to work with. They not only perform better but there is a real beauty in their simplicity.

IOS 7 Just Works

I was cautious in my recommendation in a previous article about upgrading too hastifly especially if you had a critical app that might not work on IOS 7. I’ve tried almost all my apps and I have a slew and not one has failed me. IOS 7 just simply works.

With that in mind and the benefits of the interace and it’s enhanced flow I would now enoucourage anyone who is holding off on upgrading the product to go ahead and upgrade now. I would say there is nothing to loose and only a lot to gain.

For one thing, IOS 7 makes it feel as if you’ve bought a brand new phone when you have not. Although most of the reviewers have been generally positive there have been some cautious views.
The feedback I have received from others though and my own personal experience is that this is a great upgrade. Yes, it will take a bit of time to adjust to some elements of the interface but it won’t take long. You’ll find though that IOS 7 just works better all around.

Lots of Apps are IOS 7 Ready


What was great about this rollout was a lot of apps were and are IOS 7 ready and in fact some were completely redesigned for IOS 7. As I mentioned, OmniFocus, one of my favourite applications, was one such app that was completely rebuilt for IOS 7. The interesting thing is the app actually works better in IOS 7 considering that this is a whole new environment. I find that any of my apps work better for me that have been designed for IOS 7. The ones that haven’t been redesigned fortuanately work as well as they did before.

If your device is IOS 7 capable I would upgrade to IOS 7 now. There’s no need to wait. With time, only more apps will be fully redesigned with IOS 7 in mind making them more efficient.

Not only is IOS 7 great to look at, there’s a certain fluidity to the environment. It didn’t take me long to catch on to the way IOS 7 worked and once I did I just found I was working faster. It’s a great and innovative upgrade to an already fantastic product so don’t hesitate in giving yourself a treat. You’ll be happy you did.

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