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The Rollout of IOS 7 Has Begun

by Kerry Dawson

At 12:01am on September 18th, 2013 the rollout of IOS 7 began. This is a staggered rollout though. For some us, who shall I say are “addicted” to our gadgets this is an exciting day. Apple has made this a staggered rollout around the world so that their servers don’t melt down under the load. As I understand it, the rollout is moving between time zones.

App Updates Galore

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed but over the last few days there has been a constant deluge of app updates. Software updates, depending on how much software you have on your IOS device, has been coming fast and furious.

However, although we are getting a lot of software updates, I’d be very cautious before you upgrade the OS. There is a fair bit of software that hasn’t been re-engineered for IOS 7. If your software hasn’t been redone for the new OS but it isn’t critical to you then I’d probably go ahead and upgrade with one caveat. You might want to let the more brave at heart do it first, let them spill their blood so to speak, see what they say and if you like what you hear go ahead.

However, if you have a critical app and it hasn’t been redesigned for IOS 7 then hang off until you know for sure it will run on the new OS. Major OS upgrades such as this, unlike the ones of the past, can inflict a lot of pain if they haven’t been carefully planned for.

Essential and Fascinating

As you can see from my previous two articles I see IOS 7 as rather brilliant and the vision that supports it the same. To power the kinds of capabilities and applications that are coming a long over the next ten years, the bedrock has to be sound. IOS 6 is by no means a slouch. However, IOS 7 takes us to a point that where we’re going can be supported yet in an intuitive fashion for the end user.

The underlying technology that will support these applications is sophisticated. However, the user interface and the user experience will not only remain intuitive and powerful to use but will be that much more so with IOS 7. Sure, there will be some groans as people become accustomed to the new icons and methods with which one accesses functions. However, the functions are now laid out more logically and Mac users have always been very adaptable and of course loyal. This has benefitted Apple significantly as it has made many technological leaps the competition only tends to follow.

So this is the beginning of some exciting days ahead of us. Things are happening that are both essential, fascinating and for some us fun. So I can honestly share with you I find this quite exciting and yes fun. Look forward to more from apple.

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