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Vision meet Reality

by Kerry Dawson

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On Sept 10, 2013 Tim Cook, in the tradition of Apple, announced what many had hoped would be an exciting array of new products. Based on the preceding June WWDC, things looked good. In June, Apple not only announced some new products such as the updated MacBook Air but they unveiled the future of IOS and Mavericks.

Unfortunately a bit of a Yawn Fest

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Tim Cook had plenty of exciting stuff he could have announced. Rather though than this being a product show like in the past it seemed to an iPhone show and a boring one at that. He could have emphasized, more than he did products to support the vision. Although we got a delivery date for IOS 7, which was nice indeed and of course a delivery date for the iPhone 5c and s, we didn’t get a delivery date for Mavericks. He could have also announced the iPad 5, something we know is coming, In reality, this was hardly a product release show and he spent very little time till no time on the most important things those being IOS 7 and Mavericks.

I’ve watched these shows for years and I can honestly say this was the first one I was ever bored with. Further, I kept thinking when are you going to talk about this and that and how they fit the vision as outlined in June. Well, he really didn’t and if he did I must have been so zoned out I missed it but I didn’t. It didn’t happen.

So Little said; So much to Say

In reality, very little of substance was talked about. Yes, there were references to IOS 7 which is one of the key technologies that will not only power Apple forward but us too. The demands of the new applications and applications that are here and evolving demand a robust platform on which to run. On Sept 18 that platform will be rolled out to us. Yet, it seems with such little fanfare for such a momentous occassion.

If that wasn’t bad enough, nothing, as I recall, was talked about around Mavericks. Mavericks, in my view, might be more important than IOS 7. It is a powerhouse of an operating system designed for where we are going. The applications that will be cloud based by and large will require two things:

  • a solid operating system in which to run these applications and sustain then
  • an ease of use to allow people to tap into the applications

There was more that Could have Been Announced

I’m not sure why so much emphases was put on the iPhone at this presentation. It makes Apple a lot of money. Someone I recall who is no longer with us unfortunately would have seen things differently.

If you have an iPhone 5 there’s little reason to upgrade. The iPhone 5c I think potentially affects Apple’s value add proposition. I know it’s not cheaply built and they’ve paid a lot of detail to quality but personally I find the product looks cheap and they are far from cheap phones.

The iPhone 5s is probably a fine phone. Is it something that a big deal need be made about. Not really.

Now, as I said, a concentration and focus on the benefits of the rollout of IOS 7 and Mavericks and more specifically a target date for a mvaericks rollout would have been exciting and welcome. And what about that iPad 5?

One category of hardware product that did need refreshing was that of the iPad. The iPhone is selling more than fine. The iPad’s sales are a little off. I believe part of that is it needs a refresh. They need to get it back to the size and heft of the iPad 2. More speed isn’t really essential. But a change to the housing would have been welcome. Again, this could have been announced a long with IOS 7 and it wasn’t. So what did we really get for an hour and a half show. Elvis Costello?

Reality Met Vision

The check is in the mail

This to me is clearly a case of reality having met vision but not having listened to vision. It was disjointed and out of sync. The vision, as outlined at WWDC, was really promising and exceptional. The reality was, as I said, a big yawn fest. I couldn’t have been more bored if tried to be.

I’m certainly looking forward to IOS 7 on my IOS devices. Big time. I‘m definitely looking forward to Mavericks in a huges way. But nothing to do with Tim Cook’s presentation. Will I be upgrading my iPhone 5 to a 5s. Not on your life. This would be foolish. There’s simply no need and nothing there to warrant that. When they come out with an iPad 5 though I’ll be the first in line.

So too is the case with Mavericks. I don’t need more computers as mine are very current. However, to power them with Mavericks and the capability that will be in that operating system should be an exceptional experience. Absolutely I’ll be upgrading day one. Yet, again nothing to do with this presentation.

The Market Responded

The market responded exactly as I thought it would while I was watching the speech. The stock started to fall. Some people complain that the market is too narrow in their sight. They want the immediate bang for the buck. To a degree this is true.

However, it’s not totally true. Had the market seen a company positioning themselves not only for current growth but exceptional future growth which is definitely in Apple’s reach the market would not have reacted poorly. Rather, it would have embraced this as a long term proposition. Apple’s in for the long haul. They have products they can deliver on today. They’ll have products they will be delivering on tomorrow.

However, the reality and the vision didn’t line up. The vision was somehow left out of the presentation. There was a concentration on a product that sells well anyway. So in essence, there was simply just a lack of focus. Things didn’t tie well together. Not like they did back in June.

There is Yet another Day

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Not all things stopped on September 10. It was just boring. More presentations are likely to announce the rest of what has to be announced. Possibly that will be exciting.

Regardless, I’m very excited about Sept 18. I’ll be loading IOS 7 on my iPad and iPhone the day it comes out. I won’t get a new phone though. I won’t need one. IOS 7 will make my current iPhone seem like a brand new phone without having to buy a thing. This I’m looking forward to. This I’m excited about.

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