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Another Step a long the Way; the New iMac

by Kerry Dawson

My next article was going to be “Reaching for the Clouds” a followup to my last article “It’s Getting Cloudy out There” however, I thought I’d briefly touch on the almost quiet introduction of the upgrade to the iMac. Yesterday, Sept 29 2013, Apple introduced newly refreshed iMacs with the Haswell processors, faster graphics, 802.11 AC WIFI (a faster protocol) and speed improvements for the Fusion Drive.

The i5 processors are the ones upgraded to the Haswell processor while the i7 processor machines, the highest end the the iMac line are build to order. Let me assure you, from personal experience, ordering an iMac with a Fusion drive and the i7 processor a long with about 16 gigs of RAM is well worth the investment. I had an original 3 year old i5 iMac that I was perfectly happy with last winter but I decided to upgrade. I felt that upgrading the machine to a Fusion drive would give it the same kind of performance I saw from my MacBook Air. I was sure right. The Fusion Drive iMac with an i7 processor and 16 gigs of RAM is a delight to use. If it’s all faster now with the introduction of the upgrade to the line, all the better but I’m sure happy with what I have.

The Rollout Continues

Of significance in this update, even though it has been quietly introduced is that it speaks louder than than first appearances reveal. This is a move a long the path towards a new, more robust architecture that will support both the apps of today but most importantly the apps of tomorrow. The Haswell processor architecture is a very efficient CPU technology. It handles processes better and more efficiently so that it doesn’t need to run at the same speed as the older chips yet it increases performance. The net result is improved performance, less power usage and decreased heat. Not bad at all!

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Put Mavericks on this machine and you’ve got the beginnings of a machine that lives with the current but blends with tomorrow’s plan. As we saw minimalism hit IOS big time, so too will we see that with Mavericks. Thus, it should provide an interface that is more fluid yet with a stronger, more robust underlying framework that will support the kinds of applications, many of them relying on virtual technologies or the cloud for delivery. As an example, the cashless society is really just around the corner. Had we not had though this framework in which things were at the same time simplified and amplified, it would be difficult to support the applications and get users to adopt them.

What’s Next

Expect more to come from Apple to round out this years evoution of their technological prowess. The iPad 5 is rumoured to come out any day with it’s 64 bit architecture. Mavericks should also appear any day now also and this will be quite exciting. Finally, the Macbook pro line is expected to be refreshed. The biggest question mark around this refresh is how many Macbook Pro’s will support the Retina display. Plus, we have a strong movement in the Apple world away from the hard drive to the SSD enhancing performance dramatically.

The iPad 5 should be particularly interesting. Apple has had no lack of success with it’s tablet product from day one. A hit from the get go, in some ways it’s redefined computing. People are using iPads now instead of their computers. However, of late sales have been weakening. I fully believe the iPad 5 will change that if the rumours hold true. Like it’s brethern, the iPhone 5 s we should see the A7 chip hit the iPad 5 with its 64 bit architecture. Additionally however, it will return to the slimness and lightness of the iPad 2 yet with the power of an iPad 4 and a retina display and then some. This, I think will sell incredibly well.

On the Mac side, Mavericks will once and all solidify the Mac’s operating system as the best on the market capable of running advanced applications and any Windows app that you will want to throw at it.

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With all this goodness to come, we Mac users can sit back and concentrate on what this is all about. Getting things done with our technology. The concentration can be less and less on the technology and more on what we do. The technology, due to these capabilities can step aside so that we can produce the kind of stuff that we want to. That’s really what it’s about and should have always been about. It’s just taken us a while to get there fully.

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