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AppleTV Rumour if Right could be an Industry Game Changer

by Kerry Dawson

In an attempt to keep you abreast of the rumours that keep surfacing for this coming Tuesday’s event by Apple, I’ve come across one of the most interesting of the bunch. Much of what is rumoured to be coming our way seems pretty solid and well supported by a host of rumour mill mongers. However, this one is something that is both unique and if true would be an industry game changer.

It is being speculated by two credible sources that there could be a substantive announcement around the AppleTV. Not that there would be a new piece of hardware or if there was this is minor in the name of this rumour. Rather, it all has to do with content in the form that Apple has lined up major industry players to deliver unique content for the AppleTV.

In Mike Elgan’s commentary at Cult of Mac titled “How Apple Is Dressing Up Apple TV for Christmas” he is postulating that Apple has lined up numerous players to deliver their content on AppleTV in the friendly and fun style that is so prototypical of the AppleTV experience. As further support for this theory, Anthony Wing Kosner of Forbes goes so far as to say that if this is true there will be a lot of AppleTV’s sold at Christmas in his article “On Tuesday, Apple Will Make You Want To Buy An Apple TV For The Holiday.”

Apple is wonderful at getting the rumour mill percolating as they veil so much in secrecy. However, if this rumour proves true it will make for quite an exciting day. Apple has changed the nature of the music business and that of the film industry. The nature of broadcast TV would be dramatically altered and all for the better as the consumer would have ultimate choice in what he wanted to watch. Cable TV would of course put up quite the fight. However, Apple has a not so secret weapon. That’s the AppleTV itself. This little marvel is the quintessential delivery mechanism for all kinds of media in one of the nicest and simplest presentations of content. People who have an AppleTV, as it is, loves them. They are a delight to use from their very straightforward 5 button controller to that of the visual experience of delivery.

Yes, I’ll be watching Tuesday’s event all the more geared now for an exciting day. Regardless whether it’s true, it does make for quite an exciting rumour and if it is true this little thing Apple has called a hobby will likely remain no longer. Whether Tuesday is the day we will see this, it’s time has definiely come. The consumer yearns for such freedom of choice and there is nothing now that technologically prevents this from happening. What a perfect little device to get this rolling on but the AppleTV.

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