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As Blackberry dies……

by Kerry Dawson

Man sitting in coffin computing

I’m taking a slight digression with my writing today. Blackberry, the once beloved company by millions, is on it’s death bed. What’s to become of the company is a matter of daily headline news. Crackberries, as the device BlackBerry users knew and loved due to it’s addictive nature, in all likelihood, soon will be no more. I, a former BlackBerry user till a little over three years ago, was just one of the people who loved his device.

However, back then I made a change to the iPhone and at first, although I resisted this change hook line and sinker and there’s a bit to this story, persisted on to this day where I’d never look anywhere else for a Smartphone other than to an iPhone.

Your thoughts and feedback….

The Thinker

At the Daily Mac View I’ve kept my writings solely in line with that of the Apple ecosystem. However, I’d like to expand upon this only in the sense I’d still be talking about all things Apple but I would like to know if you would be interested in two articles (which would be more than two) first on possibly what’s a BlackBerry user to do at this point and how difficult would it be for them to do it.

The second article/s I was thinking about writing has to do with running Windows seamlessly on your Mac as either a stand alone Mac/Windows system (you might ask why would I do this?), as part of your work environment in place of your PC (connected seamlessly to an Exchange network) allowing you the ability to take advantage of the Mac’s capabilities yet not loose any functionality vis-a-vis work or as an Office 365 system (you might even be wondering what is Office 365 which is a very good question).

Lady Had in Air

I’d like your feedback on the above. If even one person would like an article on either of the topics or both, I’d find it interesting to write about these topics. I tend to be oriented towards productivity and the use of tools to enhance that so I’m somewhat platform agnostic. Yet, with anything we all have certain biases but I can assure you these would not be articles of the nature “And as Apple is about to Trounce….“. So provide me with your thoughts on the above.

On to my next article….

2012 09 19 Only Happy Thoughts Allowed

While I await your feedback my next article is going to be on Apple’s second wave delivery as outlined in the vision at June’s WWDC. This will arrive shortly and I see this as more than exciting. In actuality, I believe this delivery is architecturally more significant than the first wave delivery of Sept. 10 2013. Concurrently, I find the product delivery that will encompass the second wave more exciting than that of the first wave.

So on to the next article as I await your feedback on the above.

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