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Keeping you Up to Date with What we Can Expect on Oct 22 from Apple

by Kerry Dawson

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Tuesday Oct 22 is just around the corner and with that so too is Apple’s presentaton on what they are going to deliver next. Apple’s invitation on “We Still Have a Lot to Cover” is not an understatement. As I’ve mentioned although a lot came on Sept 10 I was slightly disappointed by what was announced. Further, I felt the presentation was heavily weighted on the iPhone 5s which I knew would be a hot seller regardless. There was much that wasn’t said and much that is both important and exciting. As an example, even though, during this presentation, time was spent on IOS 7 I don’t believe enough time was spent on it in terms of exactly the degree of it’s significance. I think that now that we have it in our hands, it is IOS 7 that is truly significant and the iPhone 5s is just another hardware step a long the way of which there will be many hardware steps to follow. IOS 7 and it’s followings will likely be with us for a long time delivering high quality applications.

Current thinking Has It…..

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In the vein of keeping you up to date with the current thinking about what we can expect from the Oct 22 presentaton I am expecting a lot. I believe Apple’s invitation says it all: “We Still Have a Lot to Cover.” And I believe this is totally true as, in my view, they only touched the tip of the iceburg in terms of what they presented on Sept 10 and that presentation didn’t really do justice to what they even delivered then.

So with this in mind, what is the current thinking in terms of what they have left to cover. Well, a lot. From my perspective the two major things that I think we will see is the delivery of an iPad 5, something that is essential to Apple at this moment. The iPad 5, for strategic reasona, is considered more important to Apple than the iPhone 5s. The iPads are in need of a refresh and their sales have been waning. With IOS 7 out there, it is time to bring the hardware in line with the capability of the IOS 7. The Mac is going no where fast however, it is a certainty that the importance of the tablet as an alternate form of computing for many will fully unravel.

The iPad has already transitioned from that of a consumption unit wherein you read, listen to music and watch videos and movies to that of a workhorse with Bluetooth keyboards to enable that capability. It is now being used for more traditional computing tasks of all sorts and this trend will grow. However, it is important for Apple to continue to lead the trend and not be side swiped by the competition if they take their eyes off the road. I don’t believe they will. Expect an iPad 5.

The Computer Remains King

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However, the above scenario, though ever so true, does not belie the fact that the computer remains King. Possibly not for everyone as in the past but the powerhouse applications of both a desktop and cloud delivery nature will be powered by the computer. Expect Mavericks which I believe is architecturally more significant than IOS 7. IOS 7 is significant no doubt. Mavericks though with it’s concentration on internal optimization is laying the foundation for advanced applications that IOS 7 will fully be able to tap into.

With Mavericks it is fully expected that the full line of hardware will be refreshed. First we had the MacBook Air back in the summer which is now running on the Haswell architecture and is and always has been an SSD driven drive device the most advanced in the industry and thus is fast. The iMac was quietly updated just a couple of weeks ago and is utilizing the most current and advanced hardware for lightening performance. Equipped with a Fusion Drive, the iMac is a screamer and can easily run both the Mac OS and Windows 8.1 supporting a full Exchange or Office 365 with no performance hit. I will be addressing the significance of this in a future article.

I fully expect that the rest of the Mac hardware line will be optimized now with the lastest. Architecturally, it’s brilliant. From a user side perspective it will be just all a delight to work with, from the OS through to the apps and the hardware that will power everything.

Yes Apple has a Lot to Cover

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There is no question that Apple has a lot to cover and I certainly hope they do that Tuesday Oct 22 and so do many others. I’m going to now refer you to a TechCrunch article that spells out in greater detail what they expect to see and I think they’re on the money. For further details of what is expected click here.

So now we sit and wait. Is it just me, or does Apple’s secrecy always make it seem that we are constantly just sitting and waiting patiently. The one thing is certain, Apple’s inherent secrecy is definitely fodder for good but in the above case‘s article, solid speculation.

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