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Organize your iPhone with Launch Center Pro 2

by Kerry Dawson

Launch Center Pro for iPhone iPad and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store

Launch Center Pro 2 is a complete remake of the original Launch Center and that’s a good thing. I got Launch Center almost from the day it came out. I am a big fan of Launchers for the Mac in both their ability to Launch various things fast but also in their method of adding additional organizational structure.

Launch Center had the same thing in mind however, the original was bereft of applications. Yes, you could Launch items and organize you small iPhone’s screen real estate with the program the problem was the original ran next to nothing. I quickly put it aside in disappointment but I’m glad I never forgot about it.

Launch Center Pro 2 now Works and it Works Well

Unlike the original Launch Center I can easily say that Launch Center Pro 2 now works and works well. It is not just a tool to Launch your programs but is also a tool to organize your iPhone. The simple reason so much has changed is now it supports so many applications and is adding applications all the time. Park Launch Center Pro 2 in a space in your dock, enable it to launch all your key applications and this will be available to you from any screen.

A new iPhone is easy to maneuver around in. With only so many applications, it is easy to find and run them. However, as you start accumulating a pile of applications the ability to maneuver around and find you applications easily is no longer the case. Folders help somewhat but as you start to accumulate a pile of folders things can get really harry. Now you’re not only trying to find what screen the application is in but so too the folder that contains the application.

Search is tremendously helpful for finding that out of the way application. However, you don’t want to have to use search every time you go and look for an application. Rather, you want to be able to know where the app is and how to get to it fast. Launch Center Pro 2 helps tremendously with this. To make the best use of it, you’ll want to organize you’re various programs in a location in the launcher then always use that and you’ll be running apps fast knowing exactly where they are to launch.

Launch Center Pro 2 is more than just a Launcher

The organizational structure Launch Center Pro 2 adds to your iPhone makes it worth it’s weight in gold alone. However, add to that the ability to have a launcher invoke actions. You can actually have Launchbar invoke a variety of actions on an app depending on the app from the simple open a new record or note to compose a message to go to so and so every time the action is launched. This can be a real time-saver if you happen to do things in a repetitive fashion. Granted it takes a little time and effort to go this extra mile but it is well worth it in the long run especially when you do things time and again.

Man to igloo

I find the ability of Launchbar great when I can just have it create a new task for me in OmniFocus. So I actually have a launcher that launches OmniFocus so I can browse around and a launcher that specifically creates a new task. The more organized you are in the way in which you lay things out in Launchbar the greater the returns.

Made for IOS 7

Launch Center Pro 2 has been remade for IOS 7. It’s got a great new icon and supports theming. You can have it looking very IOS 7’ish or just stay with the classic look that you might be accustomed to.

To recap, what makes Launch Center Pro 2 so powerful now is in all the apps it supports. Without this, it’s a complete non-starter. Add to that then it’s ability to organize your apps in launch screens and it helps to bring some semblance of control back to your iPhone. Finally, the ability to actually program a launcher to do something adds significant power to this utility.

Launch Center Pro 2 does not run on the iPad. However, I don’t mind that at all as the screen real-estate proposition is so different that organizing your apps on the iPad has a different feel to it altogether. In that Launch Center Pro 2 will though help with the small screen real-estate of the iPhone makes this a must have app for anyone who has many apps. Finally, for the person who constantly does the same thing over and over again when they launch an app, Launch Center Pro 2 then is an absolutely must have application. Get it [here on the iTunes store].

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