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Persistent Rumours of a Large iPhone; Will we ever see such a Thing


Phablet phone

One of the raging debates currently is about whether we will see a very large screen iPhone the likes of a Samsung in one of its many flavours. My view is “I sure Hope Not”. These aren’t phones but behemoths that look weird when placed against the ear and uneasy to tote around.

In this very brief article opinion article the author asks the question “Will we ever see that with the iPhone?”. I certainly hope not but I’m curious how others feel about this. One reason I ask is the rumoured iPhone 6 often is associated with being more of what is referred to a phablet. I believe there are reasons we have the iPad mini, iPad regular and then the iPhone as it is. These devices all suit their form factor. To make an iPhone basically near short of an iPad mini I think is folly. Yet, maybe this is what you want?

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