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The Second Wave; Mavericks and the iPad 5

by Kerry Dawson

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Since WWDC back in June, I’ve been following first the unveiling of Apple’s going forward strategy and vision and then components of that which has been rolled out, being rolled out and now is about to be rolled out. At WWDC, Apple not only released aspects of product to come and their strategy but more significantly they subtly unveiled a vision for the future that entails much more than that of just Apple the company and it’s own products. The delivery of such a vision though, which goes beyond the release of product requires an architecture to support the vision. Within that framework then we are seeing product released that makes up the building blocks.

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Think of a vision such as, to use a very simple metaphor, I see a bridge going across that river. A strategy is required to accomplish this. The bridge will not just magically appear. To build the bridge requires an architecture. And then finally to build the bridge based on all the above requires components and labour. At the end of the day, there’s a bridge that might serve say the community it was intended for over the next 50 years.

Apple’s vision entails the delivery of applications to enable a thriving information age that is truly inspiring and I would argue liberating. Information technologies will be able to deliver up services of a carte blanche and a la carte variety. In some ways very tactile and enhancements of our current technologies but more profoundly virtual in nature. Think of all that is being delivered currently via cloud enabled systems and then add to that transformative technologies and techniques. As an example, the cashless society is here but to fully realize it is going to take some time. As a simple example, you can order a taxi via a service called Hailo on your iPhone and utilizing your credit card of choice, already entered into the system, have a cab arrive at your door in less than three minutes all the while watching it’s arrival again on your iPhone. Destination given to the driver, you’re taken to the stop and no cash is exchanged. Just pleasantries.

Unleashing Enabling Technologies

With the first wave of announcements made and delivered on Sept 10, IOS 7 sits in our hands with a new phone based on a 64 bit architecture. The 64 bit isn’t so important for today but is incredibly important for that which awaits. However, I would postulate that the most important ingredient in building our bridge is missing and is about to be delivered.


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If the rumour mill is correct and it would seem that it is probably 99% correct this time then Oct 22 2013 should be the announcement of Mavericks. In fact, the rumour mill is pointing to a for certain launch of the iPad 5 that day but common wisdom is suggesting that Mavericks will be launched also. If this is true and we should know for sure fairly soon as this is really a little over a week away then what I think is probably the most exciting of Apple’s announcements should be available to us soon.

Rather than discussing why Mavericks is both so important and exciting I’m going to wait until it has been launched and we have the absolute details of the operating system in the public domain. Right now, those details are certainly known as it has just gone Gold Master which means the release is available for delivery as product. That which is for the public domain should be available soon. It is not known what the charge for the new OS will be nor is known whether there will even be a charge. It is most likely but only at the launch will we have these details. So for us Mac users, this is a fairly exciting moment.

iPad 5

On Oct. 22 2013 it is now almost guaranteed that the fabled iPad 5 will be launched. There is tons of speculative rumour on the device in the press. There are even videos of the device available. However, with IOS 7 firmly in place and the iPhone 5s and 5c fully available, it only stands to reason that the iPad 5 is not far behind. Based on Apple’s history, it would make sense to see the device released on this date.

Again, the iPad 5 I believe will be an in demand device not primarily for it’s advanced capabilities, of which I will go into once it has been launched but more so for it’s form factor. It is expected that the iPad 5 will take on the form factor of the iPad mini and further will become svelter and lighter like that of the iPad 2. If this is the case, I would expect the device to sell well. I certainly will be buying one.

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Sit and Wait

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So we sit and wait. Hopefully, the rumour mills are right. I’d like to see the final components of the product delivery in position. Will it alter my computing life immediately. Definitely not. Will it be part of the tranisitioning for the future. Absolutely. Once the product is in hand, I can comment on these things further. There is no point, at this stage in saying more, just based on speculation as sound as that is. Rather we now just have to sit and wait patiently. Once all things are in hand I’ll elaborate on much of what I’ve touched on in this post.

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