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Today’s Apple Event will be Live

by Kerry Dawson

Often, it’s not until the day of an actual Apple event do we know whether it is going to be streamed live or whether we’ll have to follow it from a Live Blog say the likes of MacWorld’s. The former is always the more enjoyable if you like watching this kind of thing which I do.

From all accounts, as of this morning, the show will be broadcast at least after the fact streamed to your AppleTV. It is likely that it will be streamed live. I’ve verified this article and there is indeed a channel on the AppleTV as of this morning called “Apple Events” and it specifically addresses today’s event of Oct 22. See this link here for more information on the details as they are known,

In the past, I’ve tended to find that when such an event was made available on AppleTV you could go to Apple.com and stream the event say on your iPad. This site itself has changed since last night and although there is currently no link to the presentation that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. As with all things Apple, where it comes to this, we are left guessing till the last minute.

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