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Windows 8.1 release tonight: Mac Relevance

by Kerry Dawson

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As I put the cart before the horse and well before I’ve broached down that road of writing about running Windows on a Mac with the benefits this entails, I’m talking about the rollout of Windows 8.1. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

Windows 8, as is commonly known, has under whelmed the market and in fact has jeopardized Microsoft’s whole platform side of their business. Bottom line; it just has done dreadfully and is on life support. Windows 8.1 is Microsofts attempt to breath life back into the OS. Will they succeed. The market will decide. Personally, my view is this upgrade can only help Windows 8 and certainly can do no damage.

However, for us Mac users there is significance in the whole Windows 8 debacle. Personally, having run Windows on my Mac forever, I have not really had much of an issue with running Windows 8 but that’s primarily because, till now I’ve had little need to. I can easily appreciate though how a long time Windows user might though.

The value of running Windows on a Mac

Since my intent is to write about the value a Windows user can achieve by using a Mac to run his Windows machine, regardless of version, the upgrade to Windows 8.1 is significant to this endeavour as a Mac is an ideal platform to run Windows on. For the office worker, whose whole workflow is based on Windows and say an Exchange or Office 365 system, such a person has little choice but to work in that paradigm. However, if they can work within that paradigm but on a Mac, then they have the benefit of still using all their Office productivity tools but being able to take advantage of the advanced software solutions available on the Mac platform. They thus have the benefit of being able to run both OS’s transparently while taking advantage of the applications they need to be productive.

Cart before horse

So although I am putting the cart before the horse writing about the release of Windows 8.1 tonight, it is relevant to us Mac users as should it fly it makes running Windows on a Mac a better experience simply because running Windows 8.1 might be a better experience. Secondly, if this OS upgrade really didn’t fly, Windows users might start coming to the Mac regardless.

In future writings you’ll see more of my views on how to effectively run a full Windows productivity suite on a Mac in native Windows mode. I do not see though the Mac user needing to run Windows unless they need to work in a company that uses Windows 8 as their productivity platform and they do not want to give up the Mac, they have an application that is only Windows compliant, they are recent converts to the Mac and require a Windows app left behind or any combination of the above. For a Mac user today, there is an abundance of rich and advanced software natively available so the requirement to run Windows except as a result of the above is unlikely. Thus, for the purposes of a person in this situation, the rollout of Windows 8.1 has relevance to the Mac for more than one reason. With the rollout beginning at 4 am PDT it should be available any time today.

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