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A word on Partitioning or iPartition

by Kerry Dawson

Partitioning is a very individual thing. Often people love to partition their disks or they don’t. In reality, partitioning is just a technique to organize your disk more effectively. I never partition my internal hard drive but I partition my external hard drives. One of the reasons I partition my external hard drives is that they are very large and if I didn’t I’d be wasting a ton of space.

As an example, a backup boot disk needs its own partition to operate. I’m not going to assign one of my 2 Terabyte drives to this function as it would be a pure waste of disk space. Rather I partition this particular drive into two partitions; one as the boot backup and one partition as a general backup drive. Now I know that the space is being used more effectively.

When you realize you need Another Partition

Partitioning is great until that dreaded day when you realize you need another partition. In my case, this happened the other day. I thought I need some external storage space and the drive that had the boot partition was the most likely candidate as I felt it would be long time in coming before my internal drive was going to be anywhere near full.

The problem with repartitioning a drive with disk utility is you loose all the data in all your partitions. Disk Utility partitions the drive as if it were new and no data existed. However, I’ve actually partitioned an external drive which has had live and not backup data on it only to see if vanish in the blink of an eye.

Enter iPartition

Step in iPartition. If you have to partition your drive even once and it has live data on it, this utility is worth its weight in Gold. It allows you to repartition a drive without deleting a thing. It just logically moves stuff around within the partitions so that nothing is lost and you sit there with your brand new partition all ready to go.

I find that with these large external hard drives repartitioning is more than a once in a lifetime affair. Often, reorganization of the way you‘re managing your data is required. Adding a new partition makes all the sense in the world. A lot of people won’t bother though as Disk Utility wipes everything clean. However, with iPartition the likelihood that you will go ahead and make that new partition is high. In fact, don’t even hesitate unless it really makes no sense to make a new partition.

One little added Feature

iPartition comes with one little added but useful feature. It allows you to make a backup recovery partition on say a USB stick. If you do make one, use an 8 gig USB drive.

The reason you may need to make one is that your recovery partition that comes with your Mavericks installation magically disappears. I’ve had this happen. You can always go straight to the Internet to get the function but it is slow even if you have a very fast connection. Using a USB recovery partition will just speed the whole process up.

When it Just Works

There is nothing more gratifying when something with our computers just works. This just works. It is very graphical in nature. Be a touch careful the first time you go to repartition your drive that you follow the steps precisely and there are honestly not a lot of steps to follow. If you do you will walk a way with a brand new partition on your drive ready to go to work.

I always hated partitioning my drives at one time and I sure dreaded having to repartition the drive. Now I don’t even think twice about it. It’s not like iPartition gets a lot of use as fortunately I don’t need to repartition often. However, when I do am I glad I have this utility and you will be too.

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