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Construction is Coming to an End

by Kerry Dawson

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Well, we’ve been busy at The Daily Mac View. It is now no longer just The Daily Mac View. The Mac View has just joined the The Daily Mac View. You now have two places to go. One which is a front end to The Daily Mac View but also stands in its own right.

Here’s what we’ve Done

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To start our project, we first revamped everything about The Daily Mac View. A bold and modern new design was created but one that is very functional. Not only does it look nicer but it allows you to navigate about the site much more naturally. Each header for an article is presented in a box which includes a picture. The header has the beginning of the article to give you an idea of how it starts.

Articles are presented ten at a time in a nice grid like fashion. At the end of a grid is an option to add more from the past to look at. There’s additional navigational controls also along the right side. Then there’s search. Give that a try. With over 90 articles and growing you might find exactly what you‘re looking for.

The Mac View

Place to go

We didn’t stop there. A new site has been created which is tightly linked with The Daily Mac View. The Mac View is your go to site for up to date information and a multitude of links into The Daily Mac View. The Mac View is not just your site to go to the The Daily Mac View but it is your site to get the latest information as it pertains to both places.

Not only will you find up to date information about these sites you’ll find an “Editors Pick“ list for various things such as the must have software for a certain category. In this drop down list you’ll find a category for a variety of editors choice solutions along with a short article and possibly even a reference to a full article on the subject at the The Daily Mac View.

The Mac View will have chosen news articles that are worthy of being addressed. This is not a news delivery service but a pick of an important news releases with possible links to the external article.

Finally under the Topical drop-down you’ll find Viewpoint. This section is meant to be an area where the editor‘s views or a contributing authors views are expressed on a subject. This might be a yes for sure article which makes sense or one that raises alternate views. This one should be interesting.

There’s also a Submissions Drop-down for those who might be interested in contributing an article. Just either drop off your idea and if it looks good we’ll give you the go ahead to write it. Or, drop us the whole article. The article should be be between 500 and 2000 words. It’s also preferable that the article is written in Markdown. Should you have images and they’re not served by your server (e.g. Imgur, Cloudapp) please include the file and location for the article and we’ll host it on our servers. Contributing authors of course would be recognized at the beginning of the article as is the editor for his articles.

Consider the Mac View basically Done but…

Since the Mac View is so new, there will be adjustments here and there. You can consider the construction complete at the The Daily Mac View however, The Mac View will be somewhat of a work in progress. We want to get it right for you.

It’s Never Really fully Built

Neither site is never really fully built. There will be content at both sites which will be regular in nature. The content will, of course, change the shape of the what you see.

However, consider basically that the surrounding structure is complete. The Mac View is your your place to go. Majorily linked to the The Daily Mac View from numerous angles the sites are designed to work in unison but serving up complementary and different needs. Let us know what you think and how we’ve done in the Contacts section. Rest assured, every piece of information that comes in will be reviewed. We hope you like the changes and as they say just keep coming back.


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