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It’s Time to Write

by Kerry Dawson

One thing I love to do is write. I’ve written in the past on tools I use to write this blog. One thing I’ve never written about though is some of the tools I used in just the writing itself.

Spelling and Grammar Checkers

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Although the Apple System has a very good Spelling and Grammar tools built right into it I’ve always used a global spelling check system that did more than just spell check. For years I used Rainmaker’s Spell Catcher, an absolutely excellent program.

Spell Catcher had been around for 28 years. It’s still around, but it’s not been updated to Maverick’s. The owner and the developer of the program passed away in 2012. This is very sad and unfortunate.

I found this out as I couldn’t get Spell Cacher to work in Maverick’s. I contacted Rainmaker and found what had happened. I suppose there is no one that can bring this absolutely excellent program up to speed. So I went hunting.

Spell Catcher then Grammarian

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I found a superb program to fill Spell Catchers shoes. What I found was Grammarian a Grammar and spell checker. I must admit that I miss Spell Catcher after years of using it, but I’m getting on to Grammarian. It still auto capitalizes the beginning of sentences and other good things but it’s focus is more on Grammar than was Spell Catcher‘s. This is not a bad thing at all however, sometimes you have to disagree with good grammatical style to affect your readership.

I still enjoy though having that extra spell checker over the systems’ spell checker. Plus, it will Spell Check anywhere. As you build up your library, it applies to the entire of your Mac which is very nice.

It works perfectly in almost everything. However because of the way it works you have to be careful with the odd program. Grammarian finds and corrects errors with you. Once all errors have been identified, Grammarian will paste in the new text. Text that has been laid in your document with special code might not agree with the changes, and thus you have to watch out for this and that your document doesn’t completely get messed up because of small changes that have a lot meaning.

Over the years, though I have just found programs such as Spell Catcher and Grammarian have been extremely beneficial. It is hard enough to proof read on your own. Grammarian and earlier Spell Catcher has been a wonderful pair of second eyes that not only reduced my typing effort but helped to ensure the output was of good quality.

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