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Micromat Updates TechTools Pro 7 to 7.0.2

by Kerry Dawson

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Micromat just release their 7.0.2 update of Techtools pro which is important for a couple of reasons. Techtools pro is a useful and well regarded disk utility program. With the release of 7.0.2 it is now fully Mavericks compatible. Up until this point in time it would have been risky to have run TTP7 on a Mavericks installation with any confidence. In fact, it’s very ill advised until a company such as this; especially a disk utility company blesses their product as being systems compatible. However, for many a long term TTP user, it’s uncomfortable not to be with your tool to maintain and if necessary repair or recover from a disk incident.

Fusion Drive

Techtools Pro 7 is now without warnings when you run it on a Fusion Drive and the do say as part of the 7.0.2 release:

• Added support for creating an eDrive on a CoreStorage (FileVault 2) and Apple Fusion Drives.

However, Micromat is still not specifically stating they are fully Fusion Drive compatible. In one of their warnings they recommend not doing a volume rebuild with the product and yet it is this that is one of the most important functions of TTP. It’s ambiguous their support therefore for Fusion Drives.

Disk Warrior

I’ll use TTP7 for all functions on my Fusion Drive however, I turn over the heavy duty stuff to Disk Warrior which is fully Fusion Drive compatible. Considered best of breed software I am very comfortable with this strategy however, it should not be necessary at this point.



If you have a Fusion Drive and you want all the capabilities of TTP7 plus some and Disk Warriors well defined role around volume rebuilds doesn’t go far enough to fill the bill, Drive Genius is probably your best alternative. Loaded with a pile of functions, this is fully Fusion Drive compatible. Although it is additional money, if you have a Fusion Drive you want to be as protected as the next person. It might benefit you to think of this alternative.

TechTools Pro 7.0.2 is a Welcome Upgrade

For the bulk of users that use TTP, 7.0.2 will be a highly welcome upgrade. Definitely ensure you upgrade to it whether you run Mavericks or not. With Disk Utility software it’s always best to be as current as possible.

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