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by Kerry Dawson

I like this article as I think for people to be me more productive generally and with their computers they need to be organized. As the author states, the old fashioned method of ”Good-Old Manual Labor“ can’t be beat. However, I employ helpers. Hazel is an excellent tool to automatically move files to folders you want based on criteria. Additionally, although the author feels there is no rival to “Evernote” I can see this in the bulk of the cases as it’s a great information management system which I use. However, DEVONthink is a good alternative if you also need Knowledge Management. Unlike Evernote, I would not feel DEVONthink is a system that would work for everyone. It is more of a niche program but it will help you manage your information and in some cases automatically. I love Evernote but I rely on DEVONthink extensively.

The author has presented a very interesting and fun to read article but one that is so relevant to workflow. Now we just have to make him a GTD’r (David Allens model for ”Getting Things Done.)”

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