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Staying up to Date with Newsbar

by Kerry Dawson

Staying up to date is a challenge. We’ve got tons of things coming at us from all directions vying for our time. However, I do like to keep up with the news. One of the tools I use to do this is a newsreader. There are a ton of Newsreaders to choose from but the one I like the best is Newsbar. One of the primary reasons I like this one so much is 80% of my compute time is spent in front of my Mac. Newsbar presents this nice, scrolling news bar on the left side of my screen. Every so often I’ll glance at it and inevitably see something of interest. Other newsreaders require you to open them up, like any application and just glance at the news that you’ve chosen for capture. The news bar scrolling style ensures that every so often I see something I want to read whereas with the ones you have to open and I just forget.

NewsBar is Available for IOS

What’s great is that NewsBar is available for my iPhone and iPad. I used to have Mr. Reader on my iPad and Reeder on my iPhone. Both of these are fine applications but I felt since I primarily use NewsBar from my iMac I should use it on my IOS devices as well. Naturally, of course, the display of NewsBar on my IOS devices is different but I prefer it as my Newsreader.

I think probably NewsBar, having been designed for the Mac first with its bar along the side was such a nice way of receiving news, it became popular amongst us that use newsreaders for that reason. I love it that it’s now available under IOS as I have access to my same content yet there is nothing that compares to that bar you get a long the side of your Mac. It’s not only functional but it’s cool too.

Even if You aren’t a Newshound


Even if you aren’t a newshound, I think there is a lot of value to be obtained from using a newsreader. What I particularly like about NewsBar is that it just quietly passes news by you on the left and if you happen to see an item of interest and read it your just that one step closer to keeping up. In a way, this is really where technology does just start to work for us rather than us having to twist, cajole, coax and sometimes even kick our tech into submission.

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