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The Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Arrived for my iPad Air

by Kerry Dawson


The other evening I wrote about how I was anxiously awaiting my Belkin Ultimate Keyboard for the iPad Air that I recently and very happily acquired. On a side note, there is definitely no second guessing the purchase of the iPad Air. Yesterday, around noon, UPS arrived with the keyboard. All I can say is I was delighted.

Having always used my iPads with keyboards it just felt strange to not have one with my new iPad Air. Getting the keyboard just seemed to complete the device. I’ve never been fond of the virtual keyboard and type very slowly and inaccurately on it. This isn’t the case with a proper keyboard. Or at least, let’s say, to a far lesser extent this isn’t the case.

First Impressions


I won’t do a full review of the product as I previously did that for the iPad 4 and all that I said in that article remains valid. What I can say is Belkin made some tremendous improvements to the keyboard for the iPad Air. The keys feel crisper and nicer generally. The spacing is as good as it always was. It fit’s the iPad Air perfectly and so it looks very nice.

The most significant change though is the magnets that hold the unit in place when you’re working on it. They are much stronger and so now, if you‘re typing on your lap, it is very unlikely the connection will break and the iPad Air will slip. This could happen on the previous Belkin Ultimate so it was more important to be careful. All in all, this is an excellent upgrade and addresses the one criticism of the previous model.

There is only one little bugaboo I have with the keyboard. The semicolon and colon key have been moved into a new position. I was constantly searching for this key group as I actually use them a lot. I suspect the reason they’re moved in the iPad Air is the slightly smaller dimensions of the device compared to previous iPads. I don’t know if this is the case but it’s my suspicion. It really is no big deal and I’ll get used to this new key position quick enough but it does throw you marginally especially if you’re a touch typist.

Empower your iPad with a Keyboard

Weighting in Favour of

Regardless of the iPad you own, I think anyone who types much of anything could benefit from a keyboard for their iPad. If your work with the iPad was highly mobile it might not make sense. However, a student who is taking notes or someone simply responding to email would definitely benefit from a keyboard. My view though is you want a keyboard you’re very comfortable with. It’s got to flow with your typing and work style. I have tried other keyboards and although they’re not bad the one thing I find about the Belkin is the keyboard has a much closer feel to that of a MacBooks keyboard. It is definitely no Macbook Air keyboard, which is wonderful but it’s getting probably as close to that as you can get with an iPad keyboard.

In my previous review I mention all the other positives about the Belkin Ultimate keyboard that should be considered. All of these factors still hold true. Whether it’s the Belkin Ultimate or another keyboard that suits you best I would empower yourself with one. The Belkin is top notch in its class though and the Ultimate for the iPad Air lives up to the reputation it has achieved. You can only do yourself a favour and I think really enjoy your iPad to it’s fullest potential with a keyboard. As the old Nike expression states “Just do it”.

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