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The Construction Continues

by Kerry Dawson

The Daily Mac View remains under construction. A fair bit of the renovations have been done now. The site has been renovated or refreshed with a brand new, bold theme. More attractive in design, it is also more functional. It provides an image of what’s inside plus some dialogue about the article. I hope you find it visually more pleasing.

In addition, it is far more functional where it comes to maneuverability. The site puts square images in front of you of the most recent articles. Clicking anyone of the boxes immediately takes you to the article. Navigation around articles is much easier as you don’t have to scroll pages to get to the next article.

Further, below every set of boxes is a button to reveal the next set of ten back articles. Further, search is provided which will present the searched documents contents. Finally, a bar down the right side presents the last 25 most recent articles both along the home border and the border inside the document.

More to Come

We are not stopping at just a design refresh. More is to come to the site. Hopefully, as the addition is being built nothing will interfere with the content available on the site. I’m hoping you’ll be pleased with what you see. Everything should be done in the week. If all goes well, you’ll notice nothing during the next phase.

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