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The Construction is Finished

by Kerry Dawson

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Construction has fully ended at the Daily Mac View and its sister site the Mac View. Construction of the Daily Mac View had ceased a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t want to announce that construction had ended until the Mac View, your go to site, was done. These are tightly integrated sites to enhance your enjoyment of the them, bring you more comprehensive information about all things Mac and provide a front end gateway with news, information and further analysis before heading over to the Daily Mac View your site for content.

The Daily Mac View

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The Daily Mac View remains your site for in depth content. However, it has been fully revamped to provide far easier site navigation and we think a much more compelling look. The Daily Mac View, even though revamped, should be easier to use than ever with a pleasant presentation of information. This site should remain as is and you should see no further changes to the way it operates.

The Mac View


The Mac View is a brand new site intended as your go to site for all things Apple. The Mac View has been built from scratch and construction on that site, for all intents and purposes, is complete. The way it looks and operates is how it will function. However, there are likely to be some minor tweaks a long the way as we get everything functioning as intended.

The Mac View has been built and designed to complement the Daily Mac View. It’s look is fresh, clean and modern and depicts the global aspect intended for the two sites.

You’ll find at the Mac View information about the sites, information specific to the Mac View such as News and ViewPoint and general information about the two sites overall. The Mac View provides numerous gateways to the Daily Mac View your site for content on all things Mac.

The Two Combined

Sharing of information

Hopefully you enjoy the addition of the Mac View to the Daily Mac View. Independent yet highly integrated these sites are intended to work in unison to improve your experience obtaining the latest, informative information on the Apple ecosystem. I, as always, look forward to your feedback and questions. Plus, should you have an article idea for the Daily Mac View don’t hesitate to use the tool at the Mac View to submit your article idea.

I would like you to feel these are sites where you can come and obtain interesting and relevant Apple information. Additionally, the sharing of information is encouraged and questions are welcome. Finally, if you have the writer’s itch and would like to submit an article for inclusion at the Daily Mac View don’t hesitate to do so. I hope you enjoy the sites as much as I have loved building them and bringing you quality material on the Mac and IOS ecosystem.

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