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Twenty-Four Hours with the iPad Air

by Kerry Dawson


I’ve had iPads since I think the day they first arrived on the market. I’ve had version 1, 2 and 4 choosing not to go to version 3 as I just didn’t feel I had a need for it. I loved all my iPads particularly the iPad 2 due to it’s ergonomics but I can’t complain one bit about my iPad 4 as it’s Retina Display, speed and quality (it was built like a tank) all made them a delight to use.

Twenty-four hours later with my iPad Air and it’s won my heart. In my view there’s not another tablet on the market that can touch it. I bought the Air for it’s advanced ergonomic design. Never have I seen such power and capability packed into such a light and slender beast. It is a pure delight both to hold (am I holding something?) and use (please, anymore power and I’ll be sitting on a runway getting ready to take off!).

It’s In the Ergonomics

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In this first twenty-four hours much has already been written about the iPad Air. There’s this Forbes article “IPad Air Benchmarks Reveal 80% Speed Bump Over IPad 4” to this MacWorld article “The iPad Air arrives” of course fascinated by the performance you get out of this A7 based 64 bit machine. Not to underestimate these stats as they are extremely impressive but the beauty of the iPad Air lies in the ergonomics.

The simple, yet elegant design of the iPad Air is just a piece of the beauty that awaits. At 1 pound it’s the lightest iPad and tablet on the market. The impact on the user experience can’t be underestimated. This is lighter than holding a book of about 300 pages. I constantly read books on my iPad. I read a few articles on it last night and it is the ergonomics of this machine that has won my heart.

Not that I am in any way wishing it wasn’t the powerhouse it is. My iPad 4 I considered a powerhouse. However, combine that power with this sleek, slender and light device and well it is a contemporary “Don Juan” or “Giacomo Casanova“ of our times.

A Winner par Excellence

I will leave it to others to write about the performance benchmarks of this machine. As you know, I write about things in a reflective, analytical way. I can easily say about the iPad Air that Apple has a Winner par Excellence. This device has the quintessential makings of the best engineering going. A delight to use from any angle be it performance or ergonomics, there is nothing to touch it out there other than another iPad Air.

Much is going to be written about the iPad Air that I have no doubt. It is probably one of the most exciting devices to have emerged from Apple for a while. Although the iPad Air has predecessors and nobody can say it doesn’t have a great lineage to call its own, it stands unique in its line. I can only conclude by saying I’m happy I have a fair bit of reading to do today as it will all be done on my iPad Air.


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