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Under Renovation

by Kerry Dawson


I was initially going to describe the changes that are being made to the site as a few minor tweaks. As I thought about this, I decided that really the site is under renovation.

In reality, it will be much as you’ve come to know except that I’m using a completely different interface to make it easier to navigate around in plus a little bit more fun. What you should find though is you’ll be easily able to get an idea of what an article is and activate that article quickly right there and then.

The boxes are actually fairly dynamic. As you hover your mouse over a box, it will expand out to reveal more information about the article. A quick click of that box and you’re in the article. Once in the article, you’ll now find a side bar that will let you navigate further around the site without having to go back to home. You can always go back to the home screen but should not be as necessary now.

There will be a little disruption as the changes are made but I hope you enjoy the end result.

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