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Waiting for my Belkin Ultimate iPad Air Keyboard

by Kerry Dawson


In all the time I’ve used an iPad I’ve always used a physical keyboard. From the iPad 1 through to my iPad 4 a keyboard with my iPad was simply something that went hand in hand. With my iPad 1 and 2 I used an Apple keyboard that you docked your iPad into. It was ideal. It was just like typing on any Apple keyboard. I loved it as I was never keen on the virtual keyboard.

Then came my iPad 4. No longer were there keyboards from Apple. Or should I say, in my opinion there were no longer viable keyboards from Apple. Rather, you needed to get a third party bluetooth keyboard.

My First third Party Keyboard

The keyboard I finally chose for my iPad 4, after much research, was the Logitech Ultra-thin. This was a delight to use and I was quite happy with it. However, one night I noticed David Allen tweet about a keypad he had picked up for his iPad that I was never impressed with so I tweeted him and said he should try the Logitech. Out of nowhere, this fellow tweeted you should try the Belkin Ultimate. My immediate reaction was I had not heard of this product and I was correct as it was new and about to be released.

I decided to take a look at it’s specs and it said that it had a keyboard that typed like a portables. I was sold. I decided to buy one. The fellow who tweeted of such a products existence, Jamie, helped me get my hands on my first Belkin Ultimate for the iPad. It was a delight to use. So much so I decided to write an article on it.

I used my newly acquired keyboard unfortunately to the neglect of my MacBook Air. I found friends wanting to get one so I’d get them one. All seemed to be happy with their Ultimate’s.

Then came the iPad Air. Of course I had to get one and so I did. Me being me, I lined up at Future Shop at 7:45am as they were opening at 8 (I couldn’t deal with the line at the Apple store). Being the first one in the store we were asked who’s here for an iPad and I said I am. I got my silver iPad and I swear I think I was the first one in Ontario to get an iPad that day. Well, it’s a nice thought if not a great fantasy.

With iPad in hand I brought it home and decided this was the greatest iPad Apple had ever built. However, there was one thing missing. A keyboard. I knew Belkin was coming out with iPad Air keyboards so I quickly got on the line to them to get a keyboard. The weren’t ready to ship but they were taking pre-orders and I immediately placed one.

It’s on its Way


My keyboard shipped yesterday evening and I’m anxiously anticipating its arrival. I’ve got the neatest application called Parcel for the iPhone and iPad which let’s me track the status of a parcels delivery. Actually, this is a great little app. It works with around a 150 delivery services and all you do is input your tracking code for say UPS. It knows which company you’re tracking with and a way it goes and tracks your parcel.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get expedited shipping so I’m watching the parcel traverse the United States as it makes it’s way to me. I’m crossing my fingers it gets here by Friday. I am excited by the delivery of my Belkin Ultimate for the iPad Air.

What I can expect from the Product

Belkin be F5L151 5

From what I’ve been told the Belkin Ultimate for the iPad Air is going to be even better than the Ultimate for the iPad. The Ultimate beat the competition on about everything but one little thing. The magnets that stabilized the iPad in the upright position were not quite strong enough. As a result, if you were using it in your lap it was easy to knock down.

My understanding is the new Belkin Ultimate for the iPad Air won’t have this problem. The other great thing about this device is there were more colours to choose from when you ordered it. I ordered white. I think this is going to look quite sharp.

However, I so miss the keyboard and not being able to type on my air. I’m making out with the virtual keypad for now, but I believe the iPad Air combined with this keyboard is going to be dynamite. The Air is such a fantastic product and it is certainly the best iPad Apple has ever made. If the Belkin Ultimate keyboard is anything like what they are saying it is for the Air this is going to be a dynamite duo. I really can hardly wait.

Patience is a Virtue


As I sit here watching Parcel and the stops my Belkin keyboard is making on it’s way to me, I have to remind myself that patience is a virtue. It will arrive and I suspect by Friday. In the meantime, I get to watch it make all these stops in these neat American towns and cities. It will eventually get here and it will be so worth the wait.

I’ll have to write a review of the Belkin Ultimate for the iPad. Once I get it and I’ve used it for a bit, expect a review of the product. I’ll be certain to let you know if it was worth the wait and if it is living up to its anticipated qualities. I really think everyone should have a keyboard to go with their iPad. It really improves the whole experience with the iPad and one’s ability to be truly productive.

Currently, my keyboard is sitting in Hodgkins, Illinois according to Parcel. As I look at a map, that’s not that far away at all. Yes, it will arrive and yes I’ll be a happy camper. My iPad will have its keyboard and the world will be a better place after all.

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