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When Dwelling on Something leads to Action: DwellClick

by Kerry Dawson

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The mouse as an input item was considered revolutionary in its time. In fact, it has become so much a part of the computing landscape that even with touch input people are still fond of their mouses. Often a laptop user will have an Apple wireless mouse at their side as it is more efficient than trackpad input.

Tweaking the Mouse

There’s a utility called DwellClickthat enhances the operation of your mouse. Clicking the mouse consistently over and over again can get very tiring. Enter DwellClick. With DwellClick most mouse functions can be carried out by simply moving your mouse to the point that you would like to click, hold or dwell on the spot briefly and the mouse automatically clicks. With the use of the keyboard enhanced mouse functions can be carried out like double clicking and right clicking and on it goes.

A Hoot but…

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When you first start to use DwellClick you will find it an absolute hoot. However, you’ll also find that you’re clicking all over the place as you naturally move your mouse around looking for that right spot to click. In fact, as your mouse clicks away by you taking no action at all you’ll be surprised at the action you can get. Windows appearing here and screens changing to there and on it goes.

DwellClick, as you get a handle on it, can really save your finger a lot of clicking function. It is actually a very useful utility. However, you need be aware of this behaviour that if you move your mouse and just stop anywhere DwellClick will click and that’s where it can get interesting.

The use of the keyboard with DwellClick can enable most mouse functions. You can drag and drop things, highlight items and more without even clicking your mouse. Certain things can be tricky when you need your mouse though to click at just the right point in a line.

An Interesting and Useful Utility

As great as the mouse is, if you’re tired of all that clicking, DwellClick is worth a shot. In one instant you’ll be amazed and in another instant you could think now where did that come from. Oh yes; DwellClick.

DwellClick is not a cheap utility but it is kind of fun. It can also be a little frustrating when too many things start randomly appearing. DwellClick though is very much something you master with time. The more you master it the more value you obtain from it. The next time you think Dwelling on something is a waste of time I assure you it’s not.

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