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When you’re Searching for that One Piece of Mail

by Kerry Dawson

Wading through the mail

I feel like email falls into the same category as death and taxes. It just can’t be avoided. Email is ubiquitous. For some, they live under an avalanche of email. It’s bad enough to have to work your way through this to find the important stuff and then file it. It’s horrendous when you have to go and find it.

Wonderful little Program

InfoClick 175x175 75

Finding mail with your mail app could take a bit of time. You might be lucky and find it quickly. However, if you have a lot of mail and it goes back any length of time, this is where a program called InfoClick can come in very handy.

InfoClick indexes all the mail that comes into your system. If there is any unscanned email you just update infoClick with one scan from your dropdown menu. Everything is quickly brought up to date.

As long as you remember even one word that was in the mail item, InfoClick will find the email in a flash. However, if you get a ton of email, it’s best if you can remember more than one word in their various categories. This will reduce the results dramatically.

All Found Mail Nicely Highlighted

Wading through mail

When InfoClick finds any mail with any word you indicated it highlights that word in yellow. This is ideal as it draws your attention straight to the mail with the word or words in it. The more precise you can be about which field the word is in the fewer hits you will get returned and you might even be able to pinpoint that piece of mail.

Mail as Database

We spend a lot of time on our mail weekly; some of us more than others. After time mail really becomes a huge repository of information that would be terrible to lose.

InfoClick basically turns your mail into a large, indexed database. Because it is indexed it finds mail instantly. This is ideal. Rather than spending hours buried and wading through mail, you just quickly jump to InfoClick and do a search.

In the workflow model that I outlined in earlier articles the value of mail in a powerful workflow cannot be underestimated. The information in mail is extremely beneficial. A tool such as this to tame the tiger is significant. Access to information is essential. If there’s too much information for you to look at to find what you want this is close to useless. Something like InfoClick, especially if it is structured yet has an unstructured aspect to it’s operation is invaluable. In other words, if it finds that one document that is the difference between success and failure you cannot place a value on this function. It is an inexpensive utility that has a great return on the investment.


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