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Would you like a Little Houdini in your Mac Life

by Kerry Dawson


Houdini was one of those incredibly spirited men that just seemed to know no bounds. His magic tricks actually seemed like real magic. More to the point was how did he do what he did.

To add a little Houdini to your Mac life has to be a good thing and it is. A small utility, which is free and from the Apple app store, called Houdini does kind of pull off a little magic.

The Magic in Houdini the App

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Houdini’s simple trick is that it automatically hides applications that haven’t been used in a while. What this does is clear your screen slowly of clutter so that you can focus in on what you’re working on. Although it is a simple application in what it does it effectively works towards providing a distraction free environment. This is now considered very valuable in enhancing productivity.

Often I’ve found that my screen is filled with windows overlapping windows and eventually just creating chaos. Even if I’ve assigned apps to specific desktops I can still have clutter and thus chaos in my different desktops.

Houdini works against this. By automatically hiding unused windows you will quickly find the clutter disappearing. So that a window doesn’t disappear too fast, you can program Houdini to hide windows anywhere up to five minutes after the windows last activity. If a window absolutely has to stay on the screen you can tell Houdini not to hide the window. Anytime you need the window back, just click on the visibility icon and it magically reappears.

Productivity in the Magic

Productivity is definitely instilled in the magic of Houdini. By de-cluttering your work environment, you’ll find it easier to focus on the task at hand. We’re faced with too many distractions these days. The need to multi-task is really productivity destroying as focus on any one task is lost. Lost focus is lost concentration which is finally lost productivity as you try to figure out where you left off and what needs to be done next.

Although the application seems so simple, put a little bit of magic back into your life as it really will help you to become more productive. Don’t let Houdini though over do its trick and you’re always searching for that vanquished window. However, do let it do it’s magic so that you’re unencumbered by useless clutter.

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