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The MacBook Air Apple’s Best Portable

by Kerry Dawson

MacBook Air

Unlike the iPad Air, which is a wonderful device, the MacBook Air is a full scale computer. However, it is light yet very powerful. In some ways, it is not much different than an iPad Air with it’s solid state drive (SSD) and light, thin design yet you know you are working with a computer designed for the fastest touch typist going.

I’ve used many portables over the years from about 1990 on and I can easily say this is the best portable computer I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot. I don’t want to hold this up against Apple’s top of the line Macbook Pro, which I haven’t used but on a dollar for dollar, pound against pound basis you cannot beat the MacBook Air.

My Initial Requirement

Homer simpson

My initial use of the MacBook Air came about not by design for a portable, as I was more than happy with my iMac, but as a result of a project I started working on. I needed a secondary computer to test sync that was being developed for a a software product I was working on.

Having had many Macbook Pros over the years, my initial focus was on that computer. However, I had heard many positive things about the MacBook Air so I looked at that as an option to test sync.

What immediately caught my attention was the SSD drive. Since the MacBook Air is 100% based on an SSD I knew this would make it a speedy machine. I had no idea just how speedy this machine was going to be.


The word for this thin, light and beautifully designed machine is fast. Even though it didn’t have the memory or the processing capability of my iMac, the MacBook Air was a fast notebook. I found it faster than my iMac and it was all due to the SSD drive.

The other thing I immediately noticed about the MacBook Air was that it wasn’t hot nor even warm on my lap the way I had remembered my MacBook Pro’s being. I found this to be great as their were times I would use my MacBook Pro only to find it would get uncomfortably warm on my lap.


Finally, I found the keyboard to be the best keyboard I had ever used. I had gotten used to using my Logitech keyboard with my iPad. There was no comparison in feel between these two. However, I don’t recall any MacBook Pro keyboard being as nice as the MacBook Airs.

The MacBook Air worked out perfectly for my sync project and that’s all I really used it for till a certain point in time. When the project finished there was no longer a need to use the machine or so I thought.

Sitting there looking Pretty in Waiting


As I continued with my work, most of it which involved a lot of typing, I’d leave the iMac to go and read and do research on my iPad. The iPad is so ideal for this. I’d also sometimes pull out my Logitech keyboard to write an email or something else that would need writing.

I’d look at the MacBook Air, which I used little since the finish of the sync project and think what a great looking machine. It’s funny though that a solution to a problem was sitting right in front of me and I hadn’t made the connection.

Typing on the iPad using the Logitech keyboard was alright but it wasn’t great. I’d sometimes just go to my iMac if it was a long email and type it there.

One day it things struck me. I thought what ashame the MacBook Air is getting no use and just sits there and looks pretty. The second thing that struck me is why don’t I just pick it up instead of the Logitech keyboard and write out that email or whatever. Soon I was using the MacBook Air full bore and loving it. I’d keep it in perfect sync and harmony with my iMac so it didn’t matter what I sat down in front of. I was able to continue with my work. But at long last I was using my MacBook Air for the totally obvious.

A Problem in need of a Solution

When I bought the MacBook Air for the sync project I purchased a 13″ 4 gig 128 meg model. The 128 megs was fine. The 4 gigs wasn’t as I was now running the machine almost replicating my iMac. This was a problem as this was putting too much of a load on the MacBook Air.

About this time, Apple was holding WWDC an event for developers and a place they sort of unveil the roadmap while in the fall their announcements come with lots of product offerings. However, out of WWDC came an announced new MacBook Air based on the Haswell processor. This is an incredibly efficient processor and the new MacBook Air’s were being touted to obtain ten hours of battery life. Both aspects of this announcement were impressive.

The Solution to the Problem

Solution to the problem

This was perfect. This was the solution to my problem. I needed a machine with more memory and here an impressive upgrade was unveiled right before me. Not only did I think this was an impressive upgrade so did everyone else.

I immediately ordered what is referred to as the mid 2013 MacBook Air with 8 gigs of memory and a 256 meg drive. This computer fit perfectly with my systems and was fully usable without compromise.

I found the new computer identical to the previous one except in one way. The battery lasted forever and the Haswell processor was simply more powerful.

My previous computer went to my friend Keith who swore he never would own a Mac or use a Mac even though he had both an iPad and an iPhone. He absolutely swore he’d never own a Mac until he came over one day and looked at it. He left saying he still wasn’t going to buy it. Then at 6 that night I got this trepidatious phone call in which he said he thought “he might” take the computer after all.

He did take the late 2012 MacBook Air and loves it. I ended up with the perfect notebook for myself and use it anytime I want a break from my desk and my iMac.

A Top Notch Computer in Every Way

If it hadn’t have been for that sync project, I might have chosen a Mac Pro as a portable computer thinking it was a more powerful machine. As it were, I chose the MacBook Air as it was the perfect computer for the project.

However, it is not only the perfect computer for that project it is the best Notebook computer I have ever used. I can easily say I love my MacBook Air. It’s a great computer in every way.

It is a delight to type on as a touch typist. It’s as fast as they come, incredibly svelte and light, with a battery that never says die and it is probably the best looking portable computer on the market.

What more could you ask for? My MacBook Air and my friend Keith’s MacBook Air are making two people very happy. I’m sure we’re not the only ones either. If you want to do yourself a favour, you simply cannot go wrong with this computer to take on anything except possibly the most sophisticated graphics. And even with that said the computer might surprise me.

Comfort with your MacBook Air

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