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A Gem of an Application

by Kerry Dawson

Cartoon sleeping

Back in the summer and into the fall, MacWorld had this program going on where they would choose what they called Mac Gems. Much of what they chose I bought as it actually worked well for me.

One small program I acquired called “Should I Sleep” is not only a useful program but its also fun. It basically helps control whether your computer should go to sleep or not.

The Ad-Ons

The program comes as a base system and from that you can buy other modules that it uses to determine whether your computer should go to sleep. I bought all the ad-ons as I found the way to make the program the most accurate and effective was to have all the modules however, with use I only now have three modules engaged to work at all times.

When I’m working on the computer it will not go to sleep. However, as soon as I get up from it, within no time the computer will go to sleep. This saves both energy and computer wear and tear.

Waking Up

Mac computers, when they come out of sleep, are so transparent you don’t really even realize it was asleep. However, it was and if you have the very high end iMac the computer being in sleep mode would be using a significant amount less energy.

The program is not only very practical and pays for itself in no time but it is also kind of fun. Configuring the program to work the most effectively means choosing a good combination of modules that are operational to get things to work the way you want. In my case, this set of modules enabled gave me the best results.

Should I Sleep modules

Various Configurations

Once I got the program working exactly the way I wanted it to it was just now a matter of leaving it alone. I played with a number of various configurations from having all the modules running to all but one module running and there were somewhere in between approaches I used until I found the one that worked the best for my needs.

The beauty of this program is it is fully automatic. You adjust it and leave it. For certain things though, it is necessary to change the configuration around, work with it in the mode it’s in then change back to your working configuration.

Since it works so transparently you often forget you even have it running. This is a nice piece of software in that it is so smartly done. Once configured the way you like it you just leave it to do it’s thing which it does well.

The Mac Gems

There were, in all, I think 40 Mac gems. This one stands out as both smart and pragmatic. If I notice or can think of anything else I got that works so nicely, I’ll be sure to let you know.

All the Mac gems were chosen as they stood out from the crowd. They worked well and in many cases they worked uniquely. This was not necessarily the case but by and large it was. I use “Should I Sleep” on both my portable and desktop machines completely friction free. This is a good piece of software for any Mac user. I’d highly recommend it.

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