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Buying a Mac Pro then Waiting

by Kerry Dawson

Mac Pro

On Thursday December 19th, 2013 the Mac Pro was released. To be had no where did not matter. It was released to a fair bit of pent up demand.

In “GETTING A GRIP ON THE MAC PRO“ I outlined a number of the factors that needed to be weighed in determining whether to buy a Mac Pro. One of the factors boiled down to simply do you want a Mac Pro for any variety reason.

I did however, outline the various scenarios that would drive the need to get this powerful plus expensive computer. Based on a needs analysis there are many reasons that could generate the requirement for the this device.

However, sometimes the purchase of something simply boils to that which one wants. Yet, even in this scenario I did outline that a user that works with their computer for many hours a day may both need and want the device. The requirement for the device is just as powerful but it might be more difficult to justify an expense of this nature.

Not every purchasing decision is made on a pure needs analysis basis. Many purchasing decisions simply result because one wants something.

The Buying Decision

Yes no decision time

In my case, after I worked through the specs and the numbers with an Apple Tech I decided I both needed and wanted the Mac Pro. Yes, it is an expensive machine. However, I spend many hours on my iMac daily. My hours of use on devices probably breaks down something like the following:

  • iMac – 80%
  • iPad Air – 17%
  • iPhone – 3 %

Extensive use of your desktop is one reason to have, basically, the best. In addition, the Mac Pro is such a cool machine. It just looks so good.

Having determined I both needed the Mac Pro and I wanted it, it was just now a matter of buying it.

The Buy

Images 1

Since there was no product available at the store level, which I had confirmed by going to the Apple Eaton Center first thing in the morning, there was no choice but to purchase online. Fortunately, I was working with a great tech support rep on a different issue who happened to know a lot about the Mac Pro. There was a general lack of knowledge throughout Apple on the product regardless of who you spoke to.

As we discussed the Mac Pro it became clear to me that I wanted the device and was going to buy the device. I was also getting a strong sense of how I would configure the machine so that it suited my needs. About this point Alisha, who was the tech rep I was working with, said that she could place the order.

Specked, scoped and wanted it was definitely time to buy. A delay in the buying decision and the actual buy might only delay the delivery. The order was placed.

I didn’t, by any means, buy a maxxed out Mac Pro. I did buy a nicely configured one though. I bought the four core Xeon but I added 32 gigs of RAM and a terabyte flash drive. The 32 gigs just because I was pressing my 16 gigs and the terabyte flash drive due to the fact that once delivered that is all you can have. The flash drive isn’t upgradeable.

The Wait


I didn’t expect much of a wait simply because I placed my order on the day of the announcement and relatively early in the day. I was actually a bit surprised when I saw this come in as a February delivery.

I don’t think there are any stats on Apple’s first two days of sales however, Apple employees told me the sales were exceptionally good. My feeling was this computer was going to be another winner for Apple. A powerful, great looking device there was a lot of pent-up demand for such a machine. Further, I’ve heard that this is the most powerful desktop computer going. I can’t confirm whether this is true or not at this point, but something obviously affected that delivery date.

Views and Observations to come

As soon as I get my Mac Pro I’ll provide my feedback and observations about the device. My expectation is that this will be a real screamer and meet a variety of application requirements about as well as any computer can meet them.

I’m quite ecstatic about this purchase. I don’t know if it will make my life any easier in the use of my computer but I suspect it will. Although it will be the same OS carrying out the computing tasks, the Mac Pro is simply going to process these tasks far more capabaly. With a wealth of computing resources, there is less likelihood of bottlenecks and then processes mounting one of top of the other. Provided the hardware is solid, this wealth of computing hardware resources should make the compute experience more flawless and simply faster. This makes working with your computer all the more enjoyable.

OSX and the Desktop are going no where Soon

Images 2

Some have speculated that IOS and IOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad will replace the Mac and OSX. Nothing could be further front he truth. IOS 7 is an amazing OS and interface and the iPhone 5s and iPad Air are brilliant devices which one could say are works of art. Yet, they do not exist to replace OSX or desktop or portable computers.

Mavericks is a strategic operating system for Apple and provides the foundation of much of what Apple will deliver over the next ten years. Mavericks provides the substructure upon which powerful applications can be built and powerful computers can be delivered to enable those applications. It would be a mistake to think that Mavericks is going anywhere soon.

A few software vendors mistakenly assessed Mavericks for what it is. They have put themselves in somewhat of a strategic misstep that could be costly as they attempt and have to recover.

Although IOS products such as the iPhone and the iPad are wonderful to work with so too is Mavericks in its way. Fortunately, they work synergistically together and they each talk to each other perfectly. Microsoft though has made a serious mistake by trying to make Windows 8.1 operate identically on each device. Although the concept is interesting, in practice it just hasn’t worked very well.

Expect OSX to be around for quite some time. It is wonderful to look forward to the Mac Pro but it also exciting to think about the great tools that will, with time, make their way to the consumer.

As businesses and industries have been built upon the tools of the past expect more of the same with these new tools only at a faster clip. The Transitional economy is in full swing and companies like BlackBerry unfortunately didn’t make it. However, the transitional economy is all about opportunities appearing fast and your ability to transition into and out of those opportunities. A tool as flexible as OSX and the Mac Pro are essential to healthy function in this new world order we have entered.

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