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Great Apps To Use With Your iPhone

by Kerry Dawson


Written By Trey A. Charles Dec 7th, 2013

The usage of iPhones has increased significantly in these past few years, and of course this is due to a good reason. Not only can you communicate efficiently, but there are also plenty of applications that can be implemented to customize your experience! Whether it’s a game, or an app to improve your work-efficiency, there’s always something useful to be found. The app store itself is a cornucopia of applications to select from, so this is intended to single out some of the more useful and creative ones for you.

Awesome Note – $3.99

This “awesome” app is great for those who need a bit of organization in their everyday lives. Ideally, if you’re going to be running a lot of errands often, you’ll want to implement this app with your iPhone. The app itself is only $3.99, and allows for immense amounts of graphical customization as well. It has a calender option to go along with it’s main use, the task manager, which of course helps those who need it to plan out daily activities.

Dashlane – Free

Dashlane is an application dedicated to those who like to secure their phones. Dashlane is actually a password managing app, so you should remember to always secure the Dashlane account itself with a lengthy password. From this app, you can store passwords for various accounts (log-in credentials like user names as well) and even copy and paste them if it were necessary. This eases the process of getting into your various accounts online.

Dropbox – Free

Dropbox is well-known amongst iPhone users all over the world. This application allows people to store their files online in a “dropbox”, which can then be accessed by anybody who needs it. For example, if you had a couple of files that were required for a job (as in files that everybody needed access to), you could simply store them in the dropbox and allow others to download them with ease. This proves to be incredibly useful amongst business owners or people who have multiple positions under their watch.

Foursquare – Free

Foursquare is a newer application for iOS 7 that allows people to “check-in”. For one to “check-in” simply means for a person to give a status update of their location, which can prove quite useful if you’re wondering where a certain person is! There are also other nifty features like photo albums and badges as rewards, which are used to keep the interest levels up and the applications use fresh!

PCalc – $9.99

The amount of times a person will need to use a calculator in one day could actually surprise you. The iPhone comes with a calculator implemented, but it doesn’t come close to touching the PCalc application. Not only can this app get more complicated equations done, it also has various themes to spice up your calculators looks. The price is a bit expensive, but it’s definitely something you’d want to purchase if you’re going to need a calculator on a consistent basis.

Amount – $0.99

Plenty of business dealings are done on an iPhone, so of course you can see where a currency conversion app would come from. Some people have to deal with different types of currency’s at times, and it can all get very confusing when there’s a lot of different rates to be used. The Amount app helps convert not only currency, but also distances as well (such as Km to M, etc). If you’re one to travel a lot, or simply one who’s interested in current conversion rates, the Amount app is the perfect app to add to your iPhone.

TeeVee 2 – $1.99

TeeVee is a nifty little app available that is a must have for all of the television connoisseurs out there. The app alerts its users when their favourite shows are currently on TV, which means you’ll never miss a new episode ever again. Although it isn’t completely optimized for the iOS 7, it still runs and looks beautiful on it (which quite honestly is important in this day and age). The app runs very smoothly, and seeing as the price isn’t too expensive, you won’t feel bad after buying it.

Google+ (and everything between) – Free

Google is a great company, and has offered a lot in the advancement of modern technology. Applications like Google Mail and Google Drive are amazing for anybody doing anything, and Google Maps is also very stable in it’s own right. Google Mail has become the cornerstone of the e-mail market these days, as most people find it stable and easy to use. All in all, these are definitely must-haves for any iPhone user out there, so make sure you’ve got them downloaded.

Ebay – Free

By now you probably have a good grasp on what eBay itself actually is. If you don’t, it’s a site dedicated to allowing the sale of goods by anybody. If you’ve got an old pair of boots you don’t need any more, feel free to put them up for auction on eBay (or even just list it as a “Buy It Now!” option if you’re feeling a bit peckish). This app allows you to not only browse the products available on the site currently, but it even allows you to post post items you’re trying to sell on the go. The eBay app is already updated to iOS 7, so it’s got a few new features like “swipe-to-search” and profiles for sellers.

Shazam – Free ($6.99 for Shazam Encore)

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and not known the name of it, only to have it bug you the rest of the day? That would be where Shazam comes in. This application has the ability to listen to the song you’re currently grooving to, and then find the name and artist of that particular track. This is incredibly useful for those who hear a song they like off the bat, but don’t have any information on it. Perfect for those who like to go to music festivals, or those who like to explore new music in general.

Those are ten applications the average person should find as incredibly useful additions to their iPhones. Everybody has different needs, so of course it’s up to you to decide which apps fit your needs best; this means that you should always test them out for yourself! The app store has a lot more to offer than you would normally think!

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