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by Kerry Dawson

Logmein opener

This is a very cool and useful app from a vendor of the same name. Logmein basically allows remote access to your computer when you’re away from it. You can remotely log into your Mac using say your iPad, iPhone or another Mac. Once logged in, you’ll have complete access and the freedom to do what you want on your prime system.

Free vs Pro

The free service allows you to log in to your computer and operate it from the remote as if it were local. However, many would log in to likely obtain a file. For some, the cloud would be sufficient for this but for many they might forget to load the file they will want to access from the cloud. Further, it requires that you upload the file to the cloud.

If you’re just logging in to your computer to use it remotely, the free based service is all you’re likely to need. However, if you need to transfer a file to yourself you’ll want the paid service.

As an example, say you work out of New York. You fly to Toronto for an early morning business meeting. Upon arriving in Toronto, you realize that a critical file you need, your Powerpoint presentation isn’t with you but is back in New York on your Mac. With the paid service you just log on to your Mac and transfer the file to yourself. Disaster averted and for a very small yearly sum of $35.

The paid service also let’s you stream your music and a couple of other things. However, the most essential function, file transfer is covered by the paid service.

Remote Control

The very cool aspect of Logmein is you see your remote computer on your local computer exactly as if it were in front of you. This is a top notch service and for anyone even likely to do one thing that amounts to a Pro function it is well worth spending the money to get a Pro account.

To be caught without that critical file could be if not disastrous extremely problematic. Even if you back up to the internet you may think you’re backing everything up to the cloud only to find you’re keeping that file in an arcane directory for one reason or another. Remote access, such as Logmein, ensures you have access to your entire Mac.

Other Services

There are other services that offer remote access to your computer two of which I plan to cover. One is Parallel’s Access and I have little doubt this is a good service. However, it is expensive and is quite different than the straight forward approach Logmein takes. Logmein is a pure representation of the remote environment. Parallel’s Access adjoins your Mac using your iPad and overlays IOS type icons on the system. Meant to provide ease of use functionality some would probably prefer Logmein’s true representation of your Mac desktop.

Then there’s Younity which avoids the cloud altogether by providing access directly to the remote system for photo, file, music and movie sharing. I find this service though to be too unstable and convoluted to be taken as a serious business system. It has potential but it also has a lot of growing pains to go through.

A Mature System well worth Having

Logmein is a mature system that is well worth having. The free service costs nothing but affords you access to your home system. That in itself has great benefit and for some that’s all they need. For the traveling salesman though this isn’t good enough. Access to data files is critical. This is the ideal role for Logmein to fill. Even if you only needed access to a critical file once that a lone might be all the justification required for the system.

Logmein for a Complete System

In the way a cloud based service is essential to having a complete system these days something like Logmein or Logmein itself is also essential to having a complete system. The benefits pale with regard to any cost that might be associated with such a system.

I will however, look at some of the alternative offerings that are starting to pop up. Regardless, Logmein is a valuable a tool for a complete system. If you take the free service there’s certainly no downside to having it and there is likely a potential upside. Being able to get back to your prime computer cannot be underestimated and is yet another positive advance on the technology front.

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