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Mail Pilot for OSX will be a Winner

by Kerry Dawson


I’m going to call it before it happens. Mail Pilot for OSX will probably be released any day now. I’ve worked with the product for quite some time. I’ve also worked with the IOS products the day they came out back in March of 2012. Although the IOS clients came out with lots of promise, from an implementation level they disappointed greatly.

When I recently wrote “POTENTIALLY THE FIRST GOOD THIRD PARTY EMAIL CLIENT FOR MAC: MAIL PILOT” I was beginning to see what I felt might be a viable third party email client for the Mac/OSX. I am so convinced that this is true now that I absolutely feel this product will be a winner. I find Mail Pilot a delight to work with and something which makes me definitely more efficient in my use and processing of mail. I would say with this iteration they’ve nailed it.

A Step Ahead having IOS Counterparts

Siling ship

Having a dynamite client for OSX can’t hurt in their ability to capture an audience. What makes things problematic for third party clients in IOS is that they all lack an OSX counterpart. The same same holds true for third party clients in OSX. They lack IOS counterparts. What this does is cause a schism in your use of mail. At the IOS level you might use a third party client and feel your more efficient only to step over to OSX and have use say Mail and now you’re working in a totally new mode. This is very inefficient and probably ineffective.

Mail Pilot solves this problem in that they will have a client performing similar functions in both environments but taking advantage of each environments unique capabilities. Only Apple’s mail currently does this and does this reliably. Now Mail Pilot will be able to do this however I do have to red flag one thing. The IOS products have been improved through updates but they are still not reliable to the degree they need to be. My understanding is this is about to change and if it does Mail Pilot will easily be able to take on Mail.

Being Productive with Mail Pilot


In POTENTIALLY THE FIRST GOOD THIRD PARTY EMAIL CLIENT FOR MAC: MAIL PILOT I outlined what I felt made Mail Pilot a good client for mail on OSX. I can honestly say, since the Public Preview of the product, that Mail Pilot is wonderful to work with. In fact, I love working in it. Plus, I’m definitely more product in my management of mail. In fact, not only modestly so but significantly so.

With this in mind and as long as the IOS products are to be enhanced as expected then I can easily say I’m certain Mail Pilot will be a winner. The goal of enhanced productivity and attaining inbox zero are a reality yet with no loss off efficient and effective communication with you clients or friends.

Exchange Support is the one thing that is Needed

The one thing that prevents me from living in Mail Pilot solely is it lacks Exchange support. My business email ID is built on Exchange and thus is both important and a place in which I receive a lot of mail. Where it comes to this account I don’t like playing tricks on the system.

Mail Pilot fully supports a variety of major and not so major IMAP clients which is wonderful. I have been advised by Mindsense that they are fully committed to Exchange support so I can’t be more delighted. The sooner it comes the more comfortable I’ll feel. Once in place, Mail Pilot will be able to fully compete with Mail.

A Great Client for today’s Problem of Information Overload

Get your preview copy of Mail Pilot while you still can. I’d be interested to hear what you think. I think if Mindsense does the final parts of Mail Pilot correctly and delivers a stable client on OSX plus fixes the IOS clients then the company is for sure sailing.

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