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Music Production Within The Mac Community

by Kerry Dawson


Trey A. Charles

Dec 13th, 2013

As time passes, technology grows and grows, bettering itself literally each day. A perfect example of this would have to be how efficient Mac computers have made the average musician. DJ’s who host parties and events tend to lean towards a Mac computer to handle their business, and I’m here to break down exactly why people can’t get enough of these machines. Not only are they growing in popularity, but Macs are getting more and more powerful (as they should be!) as time goes on. It’s really only a matter of time before Macs dominate the music creation market completely, and that’s simply due to the fact that they are preferred by many of the major names in the music industry. For example, Rick Rubin can be quoted in an interview stating “My beard will replace the iPod!”, which means even the largest of the fish implement Apple systems of any sort in their lives. If it’s good enough for Rick Rubin, then you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s going to be good enough for you! Starting out with the best music-creation technologies off the bat is great, because it allows you to advance at a quicker pace, so make sure you take everything written here into account.


Companies that develop these music creation programs always have the consumer in mind, it’s crucial that they make the interface much easier (as well as more stable) than others. This leads to the domination of the market, and programs like Garageband and Pro Tools ensure that Macs stay at the very top of the “food chain”. Superiority can be judged in many different ways, but it only takes one studio session with a Mac machine to realize just how much better they are. Some other well known programs that are exclusive to Apple systems are Mixxx (which is mostly used for DJ’ing), Hydrogen (which is a drum sequencer) as well as Reaktor 5 for those who like to create their own sounds and ambiance. Those are only three programs, there are plenty more to choose from, and the library itself is only expanding! Many of the industries veteran producers and composer will only use Mac computers, because they don’t believe that the PC has the work flow (as well as the efficiency or programs) to keep up with Mac computers. If you go in any big, professional studio in your local community, you’ll notice something strange. Every piece of equipment (computer related that is) is a Mac product. From laptops to desktops, and everything in between, Mac’s are definitely the choice of any well-known musician.

Ease Of Use

Mac computers are also well renowned for their ability to make using a computer easy. This is another reason why newer consumers (as in new musicians or music producers) lean towards buying a Mac. They want to have the easiest time possible learning the ins and outs of their craft, so of course it’s crucial to buy a machine that will fit those needs. Garageband is incredibly clean and sleek with it’s interface, as are most DAW’s or production programs that are used within Apple systems. This could be developers just trying to match the cleanliness of the Macs interface (in which case this is great, because that means no more software that feels cluttered!). A clean interface means it’s going to be easier to use, when it’s easier to use you’re going to be more efficient as a musician; it’s pretty much a win-win situation when you look at it! Mac and Logic X or Pro Tools is absolutely industry standard, so anybody who want’s to be efficient in industry studios is going to have to learn to ins and outs of these programs and technologies. Of course, it shouldn’t be too hard, because Macs make it easy!


Many people can make the argument that PC’s are indeed better than Macs, and I have absolutely no problem with that. When you go to a show to see your favourite DJ, what do you see up on the stage? Besides all of the lighting and smoke machines, you’ll most likely see a Mac laptop. This isn’t product placement, and Apple didn’t pay that DJ a certain amount of money to use the technology; he simply finds it superior. PC’s are great in their own right, but they really don’t come close to matching up with Macs when it comes to strictly music creation; there’s just no way they can compete with the efficiency and ease-of-use Macs have to bring to the table. Not only are they somewhat superior with the program themselves, but plenty of musicians will find themselves downloading sound-kits or different VST’s to implement within their music with no worries. Macs have an incredibly low rate of infection when it comes to computer viruses, making it one of the safest computers available for purchase (which is just another reason to call out “superiority!”).

My closing thoughts would have to be simply questioning when the Mac will see its massive uprising (if it technically hasn’t already happened that is), because it really is only a matter of time. With every industry professional leaning towards Mac products, sponsorships and endorsement deals are soon to follow. When those come along, the public will see how ideal a Mac is for music creation, and it might even spark the rendition of a couple young Mozart’s in the process. The average consumer already has an iPhone or a Macbook, but do they really know what could be achieved with it? Hopefully in the near future, plenty of people will be able to pick up a Mac computer and create something that will be remembered for centuries (and that doesn’t apply to simply music). In any case, at least we all know that Apple is going the right direction with their innovations, so we’re going to have to wait and see what the next musical advancement is going to be!

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