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Parallels Access makes accessing your Mac Apps resemble that of an IOS App

by Kerry Dawson

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Following along in the vein of Logmein there’s Parallel’s Access. I do not see this as a competitive product to Logmein but a rather unique product that is very pricey and lacks some critical function. However, it does allow you to work remotely.

Remote Access of Mac Apps that operate like iPad Apps

Parallels Access is a unique and rather cool service that unfortunately is, in my view, a way too expensive. The product works fast. When you log on to your remote Mac using your iPad and Parallels Access your Mac apps behave as if they were IOS apps all lined up appropriately on the iPad screen. When an app is launched it fills the screen like any IOS app.

You are able to work remotely with your Mac apps. There are gestures that mimic IOS operation so you’re able to work with your apps. Personally though, I find the whole operation a bit convoluted. It looks great and it’s fast. But it is also odd the way it works.


Confused man

One thing here that is immediately apparent is you’re imposing IOS on OSX. Where’s the file system. Although you can run apps that might not have any IOS equivalent say for sync’g I find the process feels odd.

Unlike Logmein, which would allow you to get a remote file from your Mac, Parallels Access isn’t designed for this. It is designed to keep you working but through the IOSappification of your apps.

Considering the Cost

Considering how expensive this is, regardless of how unique the service is, the odd manner in which you’re working with your system says it’s not ready for prime time. The potential is great and when the costs adjust downward plus certain remote function is added into the system it will be ready. Simply put, this isn’t a system I could recommend currently.

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