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The Mac View has been completely Revamped

by Kerry Dawson


The Mac View, the sister site to this site, has been completely revamped. The Mac View has a more modern theme now than previously and is much easier to navigate. Although the look of The Mac View is important, the most important thing is that the site is easy to navigate and provide relevant and current information.

The Mac View is your go to site for information related to both sites plus it is your site providing easy access to the Daily Mac View and it’s most current and relevant content. In addition, the Mac View provides its own unique content. You’ll find references to leading news stories about anything Apple related. There’s a Viewpoint section to express views on various topics.

You’ll also find the Editors Picks which provides a variety of things from software through to the various articles at the Daily Mac View. Under the deals section look for current software and hardware deals that we have identified from third parties. This is always useful as too often you might not be on a mailing list for these things and one of the deals may have something that you have been looking for. In the software bundles, often all it takes is one piece of software that you’ve wanted or want to make the whole package very worthwhile.

There’s a section to contact me and ask any question you’d like. Finally, there’s a part where you can contribute an article for inclusion at the Daily Mac View.

I hope you view these sites as not only places to get quality information on the Apple ecosystem but as places you can almost hang out, browse, contribute feedback and ask questions. I’m definitely hoping you enjoy the sites and if there’s anything you’d like to see added feel free to throw out the idea. So take off your hat and stay a while.

Taking of hat to stay a while

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