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by Kerry Dawson

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At the Mac View I’ve outlined the synergies between The Daily Mac View and The Mac View. I really haven’t written anything about The Mac View here at The Daily Mac View though so I thought it time.

The Mac View is the sister site, if you will, to The Daily Mac View. It is your go to site for information about both sites. At The Mac View you will find out news about both sites. The Daily Mac View will remain the site that will provide you with a steady stream of Mac and IOS articles although you will fine The Mac View provides content also.

Content at The Mac View

The Mac View will not only be your source of information about the two sites but it will provide you with content unique to itself. The site of course explains the roles of the two sites. However, it goes further.

Under the drop-down category Topical you’ll find news postings not about everything that happened in the Mac world today. Rather an outstanding piece of news will be looked for daily and posted with commentary. If there is more than one outstanding piece of news expect that or if there is nothing the feeling is there is no point in posting something with little value.

Next in the drop-down you’ll find Viewpoint. This is intended to provide commentary on events in the Mac world. Some of it will be quite tame while other viewpoints might be a bit more contentious.

Editors Picks

Cartoon editors pick

Under this dropdown you’ll find articles that the editor particularly liked. You’ll also find his favourite software. Generally the choices of software will be tried, true and proven and offer distinctive benefits.

However, should something come along that just jumps out as this is a real winner from the get go you will see that in this section. You will also see some software that provides significant benefit but might be a challenge to learn. I call this software breaking through the learning hurdle and on the other side there is often significant payoff. If there isn’t, you will definitely not see it here.

There will not be software to stay away from. This really is a section for articles that I particularly liked or most definitely software that is beneficial, fun, provides enhanced productivity or all of the above.

This section is sort of a work in art at the moment and items are being added slowly and with some forethought. Give this a bit of time to evolve. If software falls out of favour or is superseded by something else that does the same thing, such as a calendaring application, expect that might change. Right now you’ll see though that Fantastical is both Editor’s pick and Editor’s favourite. This one is a real winner and just not from the editor’s eyes.



What would a site that delivers you specific, current information be without pointing out various deals or bargains to be had. I get a ton of information on software and hardware deals. I thought I’d share this with you to basically save you some money. I find sometimes there is one item in a software bundle that is stellar and worth more than the entire bundle. Whether you ever use any of the other software, buying the bundle just for a certain piece of software is so logical.

I’ll give you a perfect example. Last summer there was a summer bundle offered for $49.95 that included Screenflow, a $100 package. This is the top rated software in it’s class and I of course bought it immediately. Surprisingly, there were four other packages in the bundle I had wanted and they were top of their class software.

Not every bundle is like the above. Hopefully, there’ll be the odd one I’ll direct you to that is. Again there is a section in the drop-down for outstanding deals and when I see one of these I’ll ensure you know about it.

The Mac View will Always take you back to the The Daily Mac View

You could always make The Mac View your first point of entry as it will always lead you back to the The Daily Mac View. The latest articles posted to The Daily Mac View always appear on The Mac View. The advantage of this is it allows you to stay current with what’s going on with the sites, browse The Mac View for any new or interesting content and then go to The Daily Mac View for a recent article or to peruse the database.

At The Daily Mac View you’ll always see a list of the most recent posts, be able to search the database for a topic of specific interest or just browse back in time through the entire database. With time, you’ll find the The Daily Mac View will have a substantial database of articles that you can draw on. No article will ever expire. It will get old but it won’t expire.

Happy Hunting

Hunting Bugs Bunny

So to conclude, The Mac View is your go to site for information about all things to do with both sites. Certainly The Daily Mac View is intended to be directly accessible. I just thought it important to highlight the synergistic relationship between the two sites.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the content provided at both sites. Definitely provide feedback if you’d like to see more of something and certainly provide your input on views provided in the various articles you’ll uncover. Whatever you do, ensure that you have a happy hunting experience.

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