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VoodooPad your Personal Wiki

by Kerry Dawson

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One night, for some very strange reason, I bought VoodooPad for my Mac and I have no idea why. I was reading an article that was comparing Evernote and DEVONthink. In the article a number of people had left DEVONthink to go to Evernote. There was this one fellow, to make up for what he thought was the loss in functionality, had been trying out various software. He had been trying out VoodooPad with Evernote. Something about the software struck me as interesting so I bought it.

Upon buying VoodooPad though, I wondered why I had bought it. I use DEVONthink for everything so why did I buy VoodooPad. Recently, I was trying to figure out what document management system to use as I had bought two Leap and iDocument. As I was trying to figure this out, I had finally stumbled across a good reason to try out VoodooPad.

Personal Wiki

In this one moment, I found the reason I’d use VoodooPad but in conjunction with DEVONthink, certainly not to replace it.

I put VoodooPad to work in the comparison of the two document management systems I was looking at. This is where VoodooPad comes in. They describe themselves as a personal website. I see it more as a personal wiki. This is the ideal kind of tool to use to do comparative analysis. And this is what I did.

VoodooPad or Wiki for Comparative Analysis


When you’re assessing something you can either do that in a linear fashion which can work or in a non-linear fashion which is far more effective as one piece of informtion might lead to another in the middle and then back to the prime. A wiki is the the ideal kind of tool for non-linear analysis.

VoodooPad is an Exceptional Wiki

I found, as I used VoodooPad a reason for it’s being with me. It is an ideal personal Wiki. I was able to look at my two tools I wanted to consider ideally. With VoodooPad I had my prime piece of information where I started from but as I worked through my own document I had hypertext links interspersed everywhere. Each one would take me to a new page and from there I continued on. In the new page or pages they jumped off to their own page.



VoodooPad is both very easy to work with and it’s very fast. I was able to put together a VoodooPad document as I call it and quickly assess my different applications. From that it became simple to determine what to use.

Plausible Labs

VoodooPad is available for IOS also. The product was initially developed by Flying Meat however, it became too much for the developer to maintain VoodoooPad plus his other product Acorn.

Plausible labs just took over the development of Voodoopad. Initially, they aren’t expected to make any major changes to the product until they get to know it.

Personally, I hope that any development they do to the product maintains its current purpose.

A System that Complements

Voodoopad can be considered a complimentary system if you already have a lot invested in an information management system such as DEVONthink or Evernote. Rather than think of Voodoopad as replacing any of these major systems consider it as a complement to the major systems to fill a role within them.

Voodoopad could stand on its own and carry out many information management and analysis systems functions but I feel it’s better filling a complementary role to them. Where they might not be as nimble, Voodoopad is.

As a standalone system though it makes a great place to store all kind of information for Quick retrieval. If you just need to jot something down for future reference it’s a great tool. Or maybe the information is a piece of one thing but stands on it’s own but linked back into the original piece for reference. It’s a very fast and nimble tool that can only make you more productive and effective at what you’re doing.

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