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DeskConnect an Efficient yet Elegant way of Transferring files Around your Ecosystem

by Kerry Dawson

DeskConnect is one of those pieces of software you can’t help but love. It is a menubar application for the Mac which allows you easily to exchange information and documents with any other device in your environment. Moving files from say your Desktop to your portable computer is certainly possible without DeskConnect but it’s not as elegant as it is with DeskConnect.

Standard ways to Move files Around

The standard way to move files between your Desktop and a portable would be to use your WIFI network with fileshare turned on. You would then mount the remote drive and drag and drop your file to the remote drive and wait.

This isn’t difficult but it’s more cumbersome than with DeskConnect. There are other solutions to do this a little more automatically by sync’g via the cloud or your network but for a one off file exchange DeskConnect is the best.

The other thing is with DeskConnect information and files can be moved to your IOS device and then stored in a DeskConnect area on the IOS device. This is a huge plus as other techniques are just not as elegant.

The DeskConnect Way

Ensure that DeskConnect is running on all the devices share is to happen with. Let’s say you want to quickly move a file from you iMac to your MacBook Air. Simply grab the file, drag it to the menubar item and then the device you want to share it with and drop the item on the menubar. Within no time, the file will be sitting for you at the other device.

Say you had a simple png image file you want to send to your iPad. Do so using the above technique. In no time the file will be sitting on your IOS device. Just launch the png file and you’ll be able to view the image there.

The file can also go from your IOS devices to your Mac/s. In fact, with DeskConnect you can send your information to all your devices regardless of device.

Some Things can Be this easy and Convenient

It’s nice when you find tools that are this useful yet work so elegantly. DesConnect does exactly this. It works and easily. File and information transfer quickly.

When you want to move information from one spot to another without fuss DeskConnect is the perfect solution for this. I’ve tried some solutions that require a fair bit of fussing. Although at first you might look at DeskConnect and go what is this once you see it things will fall into place fast.

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