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Mail Pilot for Mac is about to Set Sail

by Kerry Dawson

Mail Pilot

I have previously written two posts on the merits that I have seen in the evolution of Mail Pilot for Mac. The articles are:

The beauty of this app is it works and it works incredibly well. It is one of the first apps to migrate from IOS but it’s not a just as good an app as it’s IOS cousin but it is light years better. That is, there is a relationship between the two but Mail Pilot for the Mac is a pure delight to use.

Does What it says it Will

I ll do that

Mail Pilot is an app to help you not only speed through your mail but truly manage it so that it is an aid. Mail Pilot views mail like a task that is undone. Everything that is in your inbox is undone. You act on the mail by completing it when it is read or replied to, deleting it, setting it aside for a better time or applying a reminder to the mail item.

Mail Pilot falls into the mail philosophy of inbox zero. I’ve taken issue with this before as it is easy to get to inbox zero if you delete everything and deal with nothing. Mail Pilot on the other hand actually delivers. It does get you to inbox zero in a fast fashion but one that is very managed. You are getting a lot done quickly. And that’s what’s needed these days as we’re deluged with mail.

An IOS Counterpart

Probably one of the strongest features of Mail Pilot is it runs in OSX and IOS on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. Rather than dealing with various mail styles you’re working with one style in your entire environment and this not only promotes efficiency due to consistency but it ensures you’re not working in a schizophrenic fashion. This is powerful.

Replaced both Outlook and Mail

I no longer use Outlook or Mail. I use Office 365 and am very happy with the service. I used to use Outlook mail for the Exchange capability. Mail Pilot doesn’t support Exchange but it supports Office 365 and IMAP/Exchange functionality. The system works ideally.

Both Outlook and Mail provided functionality to enhance mail functionality. I find that the functionality provided in Mail Pilot is so intuitive yet powerful I have no need for these other clients. I’ve been able to migrate from my primary mail client Outlook. I still use Outlook, mind you, for a number of things from Calendaring through to Reminders and Notes but I like Mail Pilot’s power for working with mail.

The Client is to be released Tomorrow

Set sail

I’ve got it on fairly good word that Mail Pilot will be released tomorrow. Whether it’s tomorrow or not I knew it was going to come any day as it now has that nice feel of a finished product.

Mail Pilot should be a very nice addition to our gamut of mail clients for the Mac and I would think a very popular addition to the mail clients we have in the Mac World. It has an excellent interface with a stylistic metaphor for enhanced power and functionality that we will be able to put to good use.

It’s finally time for Mail Pilot to set sail. Here’s to a good journey.

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