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Powerhouse Cases for the iPad Air

by Kerry Dawson

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The iPad Air is easily Apple’s best iPad. It simply is a no compromise device from it’s internals and what it’s capable of to it’s looks. It is a thin, light device that is fantastic to use. Since it is so light it’s a pleasure to sit back with it and read anything be it a magazine or a book.

However, it is no slouch where it comes to computing or productivity tasks. It’s A7 processor ensures that. For tasks though that involve typing I tend to prefer not to use the virtual keyboard but rather a physical keyboard.

These are two different activities and for the those I like a case suited to the task. I’m not as keen on the all in one solution that I‘ve tried in the past. One thing the iPad Air does, is force you to a new set of cases due to it’s new physical dimensions.

For Reading, Relaxing and maybe a Meeting or Two

For using my Air to read and relax or take it to a meeting, I prefer to ensconce the device in a Sena Case. I’ve long been a big fan of Sena products and am no lesser a fan today than when I got my first iPad.

Sena makes cases from European leather and they come in all variety of form, function and price. Personally, I find not only are these the nicest leather cases going but they are incredibly durable.

The Florence

Sena florence black

The case I have bought more than once for my iPads and they have many to choose from is the Florence. This is a beautifully styled case of Italian influence. Why I like it so much is it’s beautiful leather combined with a very thin and light frame that is highly functional.

As I mentioned, one of the main activities I use my iPad for is reading. This could be reading for pleasure or for work. I tend to do a lot of my research reading on my iPad but process stuff on the Mac. While using the iPad for reading of any kind though I want it protected in a case and the Sena fits the bill for looks, lightness and protection. The Florence is just my preferred style of the Sena’s. It really is though a wonderful all around case.

As a Production Unit

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As I previous mentioned my iPad Air is used to a certain degree as a production unit which it is. I frequently will type out notes, memos, emails and the like to get things done. However, I do not like typing extensively with the iPad’s virtual keyboard as it is not very efficient. I find it is slow and too error prone. For this activity I prefer a physical keyboard.

The Logitech Ultrathin

Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover for ipad 5th generation

My preferred keyboard to do production work on the iPad is the Logitech Ultrathin. This works very well in conjunction with the Sena Florence case. When I’m ready to switch activities, the Florence is a case which allows for the fast and easy removal of the iPad Air.

The Logitech is merely a keyboard cover for the screen so you just have to pop your iPad Air into the Logitech and off you go. However, the Logitech is more than just merely a keyboard cover. It is a highly effective keyboard which has won awards. It seems to be the choice of people these days when given different covers.

I love the Logitech Keyboard cover. I find my Sena case is ideal for the reading activity I do with it and the Logitech is ideal to turn the iPad into a real production machine. My Mac is of course held off to do the real hard work but it’s amazing what I can accomplish on the iPad.

A Tailored Solution

Tailored solution

I wanted to write this article to give you an idea of how different accessory cases can be synergistically levered to produce the best result for yourself. My solution might not be yours but I don’t think you can go wrong with it if you have an iPad Air.

The lightness and the beauty of the Air should not be lost by it’s case nor should the power of the device. The Sena ensures the former and the Logitech ensures both. I could, if I wanted, go with just the Logitech however, I prefer the iPad Air to have protection while I’m reading just in case I dropped the unit.

For myself I could not do without the Sena case. However, I could absolutely not do without the Logitech. As a Touch Typist I need the functionality of the Logitech. Fortunately Logitech produces a good looking and functional product for the iPad Air which definitely meets my needs.

Synergistically, these products come together to give me a great case solution for the iPad Air. Yes, this is a bit expensive when you do it this way but I spend a lot of time using my iPad Air and I like it being both comfortable to use and well protected. This might not be your solution but you won’t go wrong with any Sena product to complement your iPad Air whether you use a separate keyboard or not.

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