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Reading your Magazines Electronically with Zinio

by Kerry Dawson


As with many things, there is no need to either order or read your magazines in paper any longer. The iPad makes for a perfect tool to read your magazines just as comfortably as if you were reading them in print.

As with movies, music, TV shows and books the libraries of magazines that are available online has grown dramatically in very recent years. To read these magazines online though you need a service and software to do this. One service I particularly like is Zinio.

Zinio bills themselves as the World’s Largest Newstand


Zinio is an extremely convenient service. It runs on your Mac, iPad and iPhone. On the iPad it’s just like sitting down with the paper version of a magazine and if you have a 27″ Mac it becomes a very large, two page, easy to read subscription. The iPhone version’s presentation is also incredibly efficient so you can read your magazine in numerous places.

It also runs fast on any of these environments and never do you feel that your system is stuttering. The magazine is as they bill themselves; the World’s largest Newstand as it’s amazing the selection of magazines you have to choose from. Many are on great sales and delivery is always guaranteed. I actually love reading my magazines on Zinio and couldn’t imagine going back to print unless that was the only thing around.

First Subscribe

The first steps to online magazine reading is loading the software and taking out some subscriptions. There is nothing to loading the software and it is extremely automatic.

Choosing your magazine subscriptions is much like browsing in a magazine store. What’s good is electronic magazine subscriptions are cheaper at the get go. Secondly, I find many subscriptions are on sale. So it is a very reasonable proposition.

Subscription in Hand

Reading mag

Once you’ve ordered your subscription, depending on whether it’s a weekly, biweekly or monthly subscription, expect it to arrive every month at about the same time. Generally, you’ll always be notified by email that the subscription is now available.

Once you’re ready to read it all that needs to be done is to download the subscription. If you’ve got a fairly fast Internet connection this occurs fast. Then you can just basically sit back and browse or read it as you would a normal subscription.

What I have to watch with myself is I don’t order so many subscriptions there is no way I can get through them. Once you’re receiving your subscriptions digitally it’s very easy to just order this and that as it looks so good. However, time is time and that doesn’t change from paper to digital.

An Excellent Service

As you go electronic in all manner of things its nothing for yet another service to be delivered electronically. It’s convenient, less expensive and certainly not nearly as hard on the environment. Inevitably digital magazines are more convenenient and relaxing.

If you want a different way to enjoy your iPad, computer or iPhone take a look at Zinio. The selection of magazines is certainly very impressive. Eventually, you’ll find, if you really do enjoy magazines you won’t be able to live without Zinio.

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