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The Daily Mac View/The Mac View are about Apple’s EcoSystem

by Kerry Dawson

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I was reading this post by a fellow who was looking for writers for his iPad only site. Realizing there is no harm in it at all I thought it might be useful to define who the target market is for The Mac View and The Daily Mac View.

This has been done at The Mac View as one of the primary roles of the Mac View is to act not only as a distributor of information but to operate like a command and control centre. The Mac View is really where you’d go for information on both sites. I refer to the Mac View as your go to site for information on both sites and once finished you would then call it a day here. So at the Mac View itself you might find articles of interest or news topics about the two sites that are valuable. On the other hand you might see something at The Daily Mac View that interests you and pop there for that.

This is not about one thing Apple

The Mac View/The Daily Mac View is not about one Apple thing only as are some sites. The sites are intended to encompass the whole Mac Ecosystem which is really what is exciting in the Apple world. So The Mac View/The Daily Mac View is definitely not about one product from Apple nor is it about one strategy. It is about all things Apple. The focus will tend to tilt a bit more towards the Mac itself but it is definitely about much more than the Mac.

When I reference the word Mac it means this much more than the product the Mac unless I am specifically talking about a product such as the Mac Pro.

What is exciting about the Mac is how all these various products talk so seamlessly to each other now. The whole is definitely much greater than the sum of its parts.


As a result, you’ll find the coverage at the two sites very broad based. The sites will cover both hardware and software with a leaning towards software as it is in software we can enable these potentials. Hardware is of course important so of course hardware and it’s attributes will be dealt with and how this enables the Mac Ecosystem. However, turning on the ecosystem definitely happens in software thus the tilt towards software.

The EcoSystem

The Mac ecosystem is comprised of all the Mac products which for arguments sake I’m going to say are running on Mavericks. This is a lot of product. It is also comprised of the complete range of IOS product which I’ll say, again for arguments sake, is comprised of IOS 7 products. So that includes the iPhone and numerous variants of the iPhone and the iPad line. Finally, the ecosystem includes both the AppleTV and most importantly iCloud plus potentially third party cloud products as they make sense in the enabling of the ecosystem.

This is all rather exciting. All these products talk to each other. Data that was at one time stuck in a particular product you had now is sync’d between products and is visible or accessible from other products enabling such things a mobility. No longer are you slave to the computer as your data is now omnipresent. That is, data that at one time, which was only retrievable form your Mac, is also now available to you on your iPhone, iPad and even your AppleTV.

Due to the nature and design of the ecosystem, third parties can play in this and seamlessly and sync their data through the ecosystem. Applications that were once fairly rudimentary are now considered robust in their ability to deliver data.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

Microsoft has not done a very good job with their ecosystem and the cracks in it are getting bigger daily. A core piece of functionality plus a pile of peripheral functionality has not lived up to the hype. Windows 8 and it’s offspring have been a disaster.

However, due to the nature of the Apple ecosystem, the one thing Microsoft has done well and which is very interesting is Office 365. It actually works beautifully in the Mac ecosystem. If you need higher powered Office system functionality than is available in the Mac ecosystem it might make sense to run an Office 365 system. It runs incredibly well and provides a high level of power and compatibility.

Thus, rather than running Office 365 in a Microsoft environment, run it in an Apple environment. Or at least bring Apple equipment on a peer basis into a 365 environment.

Expect More

Expect more

Since the coverage by the The Mac View and The Daily Mac View is broader and more comprehensive expect a lot from this site. Contribute via feedback. If there is something you don’t agree with provide feedback. Provide feedback if you do if you’d like to keep the conversation going. And check out The Mac View or vice a versa for more information on the subject. The Mac View is designed to provide feedback in a different nature and it is also a place that presents more information and alternate viewpoints.

Since The Mac View and The Daily Mac View are attempting to cover a lot territory there is more to be obtained from the sites. With time, you will find the Database at The Daily Mac View will only grow with articles. This is your site primarily for substantive content. Currently there are close 150 articles on a variety of topics that can be drawn on.

Keep Coming Back

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As the old saying goes “keep coming back”. I hope there is enough at the sites to continue entice you to come back at least to read a news article or viewpoint at The Mac View. Potentially a major articled has been done at The Daily Mac View that you will find of interest.

The goal is to try to provide the kind of content you’re looking for and makes you want to come back. Be sure to start a conversation if one hasn’t been started and provide any ideas you have. Your ideas are definitely considered in the development and creation of future content. Participation is truly appreciated.

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