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The Mac View has been Enhanced to provide more information Under “Site Info”

by Kerry Dawson

In an ongoing effort to provide you with quality content and a place to go to get further info about:

  • News
  • Views
  • Software and Hardware deals
  • and of course Editor’s Picks for Software primarily

The Mac View has been enhanced with an additional column called “Site Info”.

The Daily Mac View will of course remain your site to find a steady stream of articles which hopefully you find of high quality as that is the goal. The Mac View though is your go to site to find out what’s going on through it’s intro information and the information that is constantly being fed to the above Dropdowns. However, the Mac View is also the site to go to for the latest at the Daily Mac View. Theoretically, you could use the Mac View as your site to go to for broad ranging info and jump off from the to the Daily Mac view for an article of interest.

Under the new dropdown titled “Site Info” this area is intended to provide you with information about the sites and what is going on. You’ll find under this dropdown the following 4 information areas.

Voila Capture8As with all things at the Mac View you will find each of these areas will expand with relevant information. The first two categories are to provide information relevant to each site. The third category is to provide information possibly on articles that have been done for either site or even third party articles that I feel might be worth looking at for the quality information they provide.

At the Mac View information is intended to expand with time and be a database for your use. I have decided to leave expired deals on the deals section only in that it shows what kind of things come available. Some of the deals that I come across are amazing. You sometimes, say in a software bundle, only need a couple of pieces of software to make buying the whole package very worthwhile.

If I hear back from you that you’d like the expired deals pulled off the site I’ll do that. I’d love that you provide as much feedback as you’d like on either site. This makes it interesting for everyone else and helps in determining what people like to see content wise.

So I hope you find this enhancement to the Mac View useful. Unlike the Daily Mac View, the Mac View is intended to be changeable and grow with needs. Definitely provide feedback and most certainly on the articles you’ve read.

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