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Yoink a handy File Systems Helper

by Kerry Dawson

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Much of what I write about deals with productivity. Having the methodologies and models to assist in making us more productive is important. Then to this we apply tools to assist in the process leading to greater productivity.

Some of which I address is, of course, the big picture stuff or the big tools that lead to an overall implementation of methodology, model and outcome. However, I’ve also addressed the simpler tools that are just beneficial to productivity in using your Mac. The easier it is to use your Mac, one of the key tools in your productivity, the more productive you’re likely to be.

Improves Mac Productivity

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Yoink is a systems file helper that improves productivity with your Mac. You’re probably wondering how can any application with a name like Yoink improve productivity. Moving files around the system can be tedious. Yoink uses a very intuitive and simple interface to help with the job.

When you’ve run Yoink you have access to a holding place for files as you’re moving them around the system. Let’s say you want to move a file from your folder x to your folder y. You simply grab the file and begin pulling it to the left side of your screen and the Yoink Window sort of magically appears. You drop the file in the Yoink holder and open up your folder Y. Now you grab the file from Yoink and drop it in Y.

There are of course file system methods to do this but Yoink streamlines the process and makes it very visual. There is also no immediate need to move the file out of Yoink till you’re ready.

Across Desktops

Where I find Yoink is of real benefit is if I am on a certain desktop and want to jump to a different desktop and do something with a file that needs moving around the system. Using the above method or for that matter grabbing your file from any spot you simply drop it in the Yoink holding tank if you will. Then you change desktops, find where you’d like to place the file and drop it. It’s as simple as that.

Simply Yoink, Valuable Productivity

Yoink is very simple in not only how it is intended to work but in how it works. It is just a method of easily getting a file from point A to B. In this simplicity though comes valuable productivity. It makes operating your Mac faster and easier.

It’s more straightforward how to get a file moved around. This saves time and frustration. Also, there is no demand that you do anything with the file immediately. Maybe you know a file needs to be moved but you’re not sure where yet. Just leave it in Yoink until you’re ready. This will more likely ensure the file gets moved and it not being forgotten by the traditional method as opposed to this method which once again increases productivity.

Productivity through Ease of Use

Easy to use

Sometimes in our goal to enhance our productivity we either miss the small and simple things or forget about their value. The Mac is wonderfully intuitive as it is. However, OSX is such an operating system that it can easily be enhanced upon. This works synergistically in your favour. The easy to use tool can be made even easier to use.

So grab a little Yoink, have some fun and get even more wonderfully productive. All through an easy to use but very capable tool.

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