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Capturing Strictly video with your Mac

by Kerry Dawson

There are a lot of screen capture programs for the Mac many of which do an excellent job. Often, it’s just a matter of taste and needs that dictates to you which one to get.

There are also a host of screen capture programs and screen recording software. This software does vary a great deal by function. Snagit and Voila are two excellent programs to do both screen capture and screen recordings.

The Higher End of Screen Recording

At the higher end of programs that do screen capture but are mainly intended for screen recording are Screenflow and Camtasia. What really would set these programs ahead of say Snagit and Voila is the screen editing that can be done to your screen capture.

These programs could certainly record the video that is happening on your screen. They can’t record the video per se though. That is, they can’t record a specific video exactly as recorded.

Why Video Capture

You might want to do strict video capture for reference and archival purposes much as you’d do with an article. There’s programs that seem to capture Youtube videos without trouble. One such program is Airy. It will record the strict nature of the video which is great.

However, what about other videos say from MacWorld or CNET. Airy won’t do this nor will web plugins. Yet there still is a requirement for strict video capture.


I found one program that would do what I wanted. It’s a program called Jaksta. I was looking for a program that was convenient and easy to use and strictly did video capture.

Jaksta turned out to be just such a program. They say they can capture video from 100,000 plus sources. I tried a few and the capture and playback was flawless.

A Very Worthwhile Find

I had for a long time wanted to be able to record videos for reference and archival purposes. Jaksta has turned out to be a very worthwhile find. I’m now able to just capture the video that I want and store it for reference purposes. Many a time I have remembered seeing a video showing you how to do something only not to know where I saw the video.

I could have always just catalogued the web pages well but this was a half baked solution for my needs. I store so many web pages that they can start blending too much into each other. The individuated videos though I know are there for a strict reason. I’ve wanted to refer to them at some point in the future.

It is very easy to capture these videos now and archive them. It’s very easy to refer to them now. It’s also a very rewarding feeling just being able to do this. I was beginning to think it wasn’t possible. I finally found a system that works and works well and meets my needs better than I was hoping for. Some times persistence pays off.

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