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Update on the Development of The Mac View/Daily Mac View

by Kerry Dawson

Information Update

The following is simply an information update on the progress of site development. Generally, this information will be posted at the Mac View solely to let you know what’s going on with the sites. You will find the information posted under Site Info for the site that it applies to or both sites if that is the case. For the present, information such as this might be posted at The Daily Mac View as we are new but growing fast.

https://www.themacview.com https://www.dailymacview.com

The Mac View/Daily Mac View would like to announce that it is an Affiliate of StackSocial, the enterprising company that brings you high quality products daily at great savings. The Mac View/Daily Mac View continues to strive to provide you rich content from a system that is visually pleasant and easy to use. There is much that is new and continues to be enhanced. The relationship with StackSocial is yet another service we want to provide to you so that you are able to get great products at exceptional prices while enhancing your overall enjoyment and experience of The Mac View/Daily Mac View. If you’re new to the service and products StackSocial provides or an afficianodo, ensure you drop by either the Mac View or the Daily Mac View specifically to take advantage of the daily high quality sales made available at great prices.

Further to the above, the editor has been hard at work to enhance both the functional sites performance capabilities plus what you experience as a user. Both sites are now running on one of the industries best platforms – WPEngine.

The editor, Kerry Dawson, believes there is a strong demand for higher level content. As such, writers have been added to provide both new perspectives and content which is primarily delivered at the Daily Mac View. The writer’s are following the methodology set up from the beginning that there is a demand for articles that address the Mac and it’s ancillary capabilities from a higher level. Thus, the sites are not intended to be how to sites but sites that provide you with rich content that analyze and explain the benefits of any kind of solution.

To round out your experience and enjoyment at the sites, the Mac View has been designed to bring you current information on the Mac such as news and views, the goings on at the sites and software and hardware that is considered the most interesting. Kerry Dawson would like you to view the sites as a place that you can enjoy yourself and share ideas. In addition, the sites are meant to be all inclusive wherein there is a variety of services, information and product you can avail yourself of including just hanging out.

Definitely sign up for the new newsletter which will bring you more than just the newsletter eventually. The newsletter really is just the beginning of what you’ll get by joining the system.

The evolution of the Mac View/Daily Mac View is going very well. Our hope is that you take advantage of what is being offered and definitely view The Mac View as your go to site to keep abreast of events.

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