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When You Need to Tell a Story Clarify is the Answer

by Kerry Dawson

When describing something to someone else, be it a problem with the computer, or a story that includes images on the screen, often you’ll take a screenshot of the particular area of the screen or the application you’re working in. You might even decide to Markup the screenshot with arrows and words etc if say you took the shot using something like Snagit or Voila.

This is often all that is needed to get what you’re trying to express across. The screenshot may be enough. The markup may just be right to highlight exactly what is going on and a solution to a problem or a story is told.

Clarify When One Screenshot isn’t Enough

Clarify is an excellent application when one image just isn’t enough to get the message across. The name Clarify sort of tells it all. With the application and its approach you are really Clarifying the problem.

Clarify Creates a Database of Screenshots

Clarify allows you to take a set of screenshots and put them in an order. Each screenshot can be annotated telling the viewer what is going on in the image.

As the screenshots build in the database they tell a larger story about the problem. In many cases, the reason you’re doing this is there is a computer problem and you’re trying to replicate the problem through a group of screenshots and annotations to get the information across.

This is a highly effective approach in the use of screenshots to tell a story. You could create a video to accomplish the same thing but sometimes an array of annotated screenshots proves to be a better approach. In this case, Clarify is an excellent tool to get the story across.

Clarify to Clarify

It can easily be said that Clarify Clarifies the problem. Screenshots are an excellent tool to grab a picture of what you’re seeing as the problem. However, sometimes a group of pictures will tell the story far better.

Clarify is a powerful yet easy to use tool to do a certain kind of job which it does very well. If you’re someone who frequently needs to relate information relative to your computer and a problem then Clarify represents not only a useful tool to assist with the transfer of information, it is an essential tool to do the job.

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