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Drafts 4 Strength comes from its Original Design Intent

by Kerry Dawson


Drafts 4 is a fantastic upgrade with an appealing interface designed for IOS 8 and thus Yosemite. Drafts 4 came at about the same time as Yosemite even though it is an IOS app. Yosemite is the final piece in Apple’s glue pulling all the interface elements together. In fact, many of the apps that have been upgraded to work with Yosemite and IOS 8 look so much better. Yosemite is probably the most beautiful of Apple’s Operating System upgrades. With that is coming very appealing looking apps. As an example, Things, which was barely enhanced just feels and looks so much nicer.

So too, with Drafts. With each iteration update of Drafts has come new and very useful capabilities. Drafts 4 adds to this tradition by adding further capabilities to the program and extends its scope of power. In many ways, many of these capabilities have exceeded my needs. It is important to remember the primary reason Drafts was designed or its reason to be. That was to have a spot you could just jot or store information and when ready transfer that information to the appropriate source.

An Ideal Solution for Scattered

Drafts was a beautifully crafted solution for those moments when we felt a bit scattered or were just not really sure where to store information. Just jot it down in Drafts. If someone was give you a phone number, jot it down in Drafts. In fact, for that matter, any information that you did not know quite what to do with it was to be jotted down in Drafts.

Once you had decided where information was to go, such as Evernote and possibly OmniFocus at the same time, the information could be quickly sent to the target programs for the appropriate pressing.

It is this idea that you do not know what to do with your information that makes Drafts in IOS so powerful. You don’t have to think about what app should I put my information in. Just put it in Drafts then process the information when the time is right.

Significant Productivity Enhancer

Drafts, just in this role alone, can be seen to be a significant productivity enhancer. There is no time wasted on trying to figure out where information should temporarily be stored. Further, there is no time wasted on storing it accidentally in the wrong application then attempting to get it to the right application. The information is always stored in the right application. Then it is moved to the application where the information needs to be used for processing.

Yosemite just Makes Everything Better

The UI parameters of Yosemite are just making every app better in both looks and in some cases operation. Drafts 4 is a good case in point. It looks fantastic as does many other apps that have updated to the Yosemite look and feel.

Yosemite uses a flatter, more colorful yet translucent style. This effect is built into the new version of Drafts 4 plus a wealth of new functionality.

The Beginning Solution is its Strength

However, regardless of all the functions added, the original concept behind the app was its beginning success and I believe remains its ongoing success. The enhancements to version 4 are welcome. I just felt it was time to revisit why this is such a powerful, capable and yet simple app.


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